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3 Must-See Sites to Experience by Motorcycle

August 23, 2016

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motorcycle-1181876_640There’s nothing quite as thrilling as riding your dream bike on the open road in the most scenic parts of the country. If you’re planning a motorcycle trip, be sure to check out the following three must-see sites that can only be truly appreciated while on a bike:

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Whether you like mountain climbing or not, the backdrop formed by the iconic Great Smoky Mountains as you ride along Blue Ridge Parkway is breathtaking. This route should be on every motorcyclist’s bucket-list.

The highway is well maintained and runs through the northern section of North Carolina and Virginia. Its winding curves are sure to test your riding skills as the beautiful scenery sweeps past. The compulsory speed limit of 45 miles per hour allows you time to savor the sites without feeling like you’re holding up traffic.

The entire 459-mile trip could take two days. If you want to extend your ride, you can take the Skyline Drive which stretches for 105 miles through Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park.

Pacific Coast Highway to Morro Bay

Any motorcycle rider worth their salt has already taken a trip along this highway or plans to do so in the future. The scenic highway is like no other in North America. It makes up part of California’s Big Sur coastal highway section.

The highway is full of wonderful sites to behold and the curves will keep your skills tested right to the end of the trip. The road hangs like a ribbon right on the edge of the cliff for 120 miles. The frequent turnouts will give way to stellar views.

The highway extends for most of the coast of California and beyond, and is a popular route on summer weekends.

Peak to Peak Highway

At barely 60 miles, this trip may not be as long as many popular motorcycle routes but it offers some of the finest scenery and the most sensational riding that you can get on any American highway. You’ll find yourself breathless when you encounter the Rocky Mountain backdrop as you navigate the twists and turns of this highway. The road leads right through valleys cut by glaciers before it switches into thick forests.

Preparing for your motorcycle trip

Now that you’re all excited about your motorcycle trip, it’s important to that you’re adequately prepared for what lies ahead. The following tips will make for a safe trip:

1. Get the best motorcycle insurance

Riding a motorcycle is risky business no matter how experienced you are. Accidents do happen. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 4,692 fatalities from motorcycle accidents in 2013 and 4,586 in 2014.

Prepare for your trip by getting the best possible motorcycle insurance. You can quickly compare motorcycle insurance online using companies like CoverHound to get a pulse on the best deals from trusted carriers.

2. Prepare your motorcycle

Inspect your motorcycle and give her a tune-up before you leave for your trip. Refer to your owner’s manual or opt for a professional to give it a look. Preparing your bicycle is vital for your safety on the road.

3. Get the right safety gear

Be sure to wear proper safety gear when on the road. The NHTSA 2008 report showed that helmets are 67 percent effective in preventing riders from suffering brain injuries and 37 percent effective in preventing deaths to passengers and riders during accidents.

4. Bring only what you need

Pack light and bring only what you really need. Distribute the weight of your load to provide balance. Keep the heavy items low in order to lower the bike’s center of gravity.

Most importantly, enjoy your trip and be sure to enjoy the sights and sounds. A motorcycle trip can be freeing and fulfilling when you’re well prepared.

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