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5 Ways to Win at Forex Trading in 2016

April 29, 2016

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5857728038_a70232596a_zCircumspect Forex traders are those who tend to enjoy the most success within this notably fluid marketplace. So, it is wise to be open to new suggestions and ideas. What are five excellent tips to win at currency trading during 2016? Let us highlight some worthwhile methodologies to consider.

Mix Short- and Long-Term Positions

One excellent way to maintain a stable portfolio is to employ a synergy of both long- and short-term positions. These may very well hedge against one another during times of pronounced volatility. Also, short-term profits could always be allocated into long-term pairs.

Embrace a Strategy

While this may sound logical, many traders have yet to find a discrete strategy which works for them. They instead choose to adopt multiple approaches. This can lead to confusion; particularly in the fast-paced world of currencies. Experiment with different types to see which one is the most appropriate. Opening a demonstration account with CMC Markets will limit any risk, as no initial capital is required. Once you have discovered the method that works the best, real-time positions can then be established.

Integrate Mobile Trading

The Forex markets are not limited by working hours. They are active 24 hours a day and five days a week. Such a timetable can be difficult to accommodate from the home or office alone. Many successful traders now incorporate mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into their strategies. Even if you are out and about, you will have unfettered access to the latest news and currency prices. This is pivotal if you wish to take advantage of sudden movements and accrue a tidy profit. Always utilize technology to your advantage.

One Eye of the News

Economic news can be considered the veritable “heartbeat” of the currency markets. Should data suddenly be released, expert traders will already be aware of what actions they need to take. Others could fall out of the proverbial loop and miss a valuable opportunity. So, be sure to capitalize on the live news feeds and market analyses that are offered through CMC Markets. Without this insight, trading success will remain a myth as opposed to a tangible reality.

The Power of the Platform

A champion bicyclist will attribute success just as much to the bicycle as to his or her personal prowess. Why not take this same approach when trading? Only the most powerful and efficient platforms should be chosen. CMC Markets provides a kaleidoscope of tools at the disposal of the trader. Not only can these enhance a current strategy, but the best options can be pursued when the times are right. Second-best platforms deliver equally mediocre results.

Winning within the Forex industry has always been associated with tools and talent. Both need to be given equal importance during 2016 and beyond. With the help of CMC Markets, it is indeed possible to garner substantial profits and truly capitalize on what currency pairs have to offer.

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Taylor Madsen

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