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April 2015 Results

May 5, 2015

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I know I say this all the time, but dang time is flying! 2015 is almost half over and yet just last week I accidentally wrote “2014” on a document at work. Eek! :-S

My budget and results have looked a little crazy the last couple of months due to my 2014 bonus and my tax money. It’s certainly nice to have extra money to throw at debt and household projects, but it’ll be nice when that is all done and things go back to “normal” for a few months. (Until it all happens again!)

All the extra money in my accounts and the extra transactions due to my projects have made my bank statements and budget templates look messy and they are more difficult to compile. I’ve done my best to get things to match up, but sometimes a few things slip through the cracks of my budget.

2015 Goals:

  1. Increase emergency fund savings account to $1,500. – Pass – I increased my emergency fund by $82.45 in April. This is just shy of my monthly target of $83.33. Luckily, I am still on track for the year due to the extra I saved in February.
  2. Demolish $5,000 worth of debt (principal). This works out to $416.67/month. ($5,000 goal includes mortgage debt pay down.) – Pass – I paid down $862.06 (including my mortgage), which puts me $1,502.91 ahead of schedule when combined with the overpayments I made in January, February, and March. I have paid off over half of my yearly goal already, at $3,169.66!
    1. This also includes paying off my 0% interest promotion for my computer by October 2015.
  3. Paint and prep home office by April 13. (My birthday!) MUST BE USABLE BY THIS TIME! – Pass – Everything is done except making a decorative curtain. I work in my office everyday after I get off from my full-time job and I love it!
  4. Attend FinCon15 and pay for everything in cash! – Pass – I continued to save money for my trip to FinCon15. I have my conference ticket purchased. I booked my round-trip flight, and I have my hotel room reserved. I have enough saved up to pay for my hotel room already too. Now I just need to make sure I have enough for gas to get to the airport, airport parking, food, etc. I’m getting excited!
  5. Quit my full-time job by December 31,2015 to freelance full-time. (I may pick up some additional hours at my part-time job to help make ends meet for a while.) – Pass-ish? – I guess this is a pass since I’m still working hard on freelancing and putting money toward debt and savings.
  6. Limit spending on clothing, shoes, and accessories to $500 for the whole year! – Fail – I’ve spent $521.31 on clothes, shoes, and accessories this year. But now that I’ve decided to try a capsule wardrobe, I think I’ll be able to severely limit my spending on clothes and accessories for the rest of the year. I do have a couple of things that will need replaced this fall, but other than that I’m going to try not to do any other shopping.
  7. Get rid of more books throughout the year than I get. – Pass-ish? – I didn’t get rid of any books in April. I still need to get rid of an entire box of books that’s sitting in my office.

Debt Totals:

3/31/2015 – $131,498.94 (including mortgage)
$15,895.46 (w/o mortgage)

4/30/2015 – $130,636.88 (including mortgage)
$15,248.65 (w/o mortgage)

Difference – -$862.06 including mortgage
-$646.81 w/o mortgage


3/31/2015 – $736.37
4/30/2015 – $818.82
Difference – $82.45 Increase


CategoryBudgeted AmountActualDifferenceCarry Over Cash
House Repairs$15.00$105.00$-90.00$0.00
City Bill$110.00$92.12$17.88$0.00
Gas Bill$56.45$56.45$0.00$0.00
Car Repairs$15.00$0.00$0.00$80.00
Auto Insurance$184.34$184.34$0.00$0.00
Clothes and Hair$80.00$332.64$-252.64$5.00
FT Income$2,198.04$1,888.54$-309.50$0.00
Side Income$675.00$1,087.70$412.70$0.00
Difference/Total$0.20$-939.97 (Inaccurate, tax money covered this)$-939.77$104.21

As I said, my budget is very messy looking due the extra money from my taxes and my 2014 bonus. I’m hoping to get all of that finished up soon as it’s much easier to do my budget reconciliation at the end of the month when there isn’t so much extra money and extra spending on these projects. All of these things make my budget more difficult to read and make it look skewed compared to what my actual spending was.

For example, some of the spending under “personal” was me buying my family a couple of meals since they helped me with a lot of the manual labor for my yard projects.

Anyhow, April was still a decent month overall. My savings went up and debt went down, so that’s good news!

How did your April turn out?

This personal finance blogger shares her budget and debt results every month! It's awesome to see progress!

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12 responses to “April 2015 Results

    1. I hope May is good for you Nicola! I’m hoping to get my yard project finished up so I can quit trying to keep track of those separate expenses. That’ll help my budget look better again.

  1. April went well. I was able to pay off the remaining balance for my consumer loan. I didn’t save anything because I put everything towards the loan, but I will definitely make up for April by saving double in May.

  2. April didn´t turn out so great over here. I dipped into savings more than I would have liked. All in all, it was a net worth increase of about $2000 but I could have done better. Oh well. Renewed inspiration for May.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I hope you get things smoothed out with your income, etc. so you know better what to expect going forward.

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