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August 2014 Results

September 1, 2014

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7801239254_a73539a403_zYay! It’s finally September and Happy Labor Day to my US readers. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your long weekend (if you get one). I’ve been looking forward to September because this month I will pay off my furniture loan, which means I can put that $150 (at least most of it) towards the next debt on the chopping block, CC #4! CC#4 should be paid off in October, which I’m stoked about!

Here are my August 2014 results:

2014 Goals:

  1. Increase EF savings account to $1,000 – PASSish – My EF increased this month, but I may have to use some soon. I paid my eye doctor bill last month with my “extra” money from side hustles, but I haven’t gotten new glasses lenses yet and I haven’t gotten a bill from the dentist either. Plus, I have some other very expensive things coming up soon too. More on those later.
  2. Demolish $7,500 worth of debt – FAIL – My debt total did decrease, but because of my setback in June, I’m still not sure if I can hit this goal for the year. I’m still going to try though.
  3. Clear out clutter. – PASSish – I got rid of a few things this month and I didn’t buy anything unnecessary.
  4. Continue going to Crossfit 3x/week – PASSish – I made it 1-2 times a week for the first part of the month, but I’m back on track now.
  5. More books, shoes and clothes out of my horde than new ones coming in. – PASSish – Still a net reduction of 13 books for the year.
  6. Read 52 books in 2014, that averages to 1/weekFAIL – I think I’m just going to scratch this goal for the rest of the year.
  7. Find areas to scale back involvement so I have more free time at home – FAIL – If anything, I have less free time at home, but on the plus side some of my side hustles are now done from the comfort of my couch with my PJs (or yoga pants) on!
  8. Spend more time with family, friends and my pets! – FAIL – See #7 above.

Debt Totals:

7/31/2014 – $134,965.16 (including mortgage)
$17,660.49 (w/o mortgage)

8/31/2014 – $134,403.94 (including mortgage)
$17,309.91 (w/o mortgage)

Difference – -$561.22 including mortgage
-$350.58 w/o mortgage


7/31/2014 – $700.95
8/31/2014 – $727.48
Difference – $26.53 INCREASE


CategoryAugust (w/leftovers)SpentRemaining
House Repairs$31.27-$31.27
City Bill$125.00$120.21$4.79
Car Fuel$70.00$70.00-
Car Repairs$34.31-$34.31
Car Insurance$93.44$96.26-$2.82
Clothes and Hair$68.10$64.80$3.30

What are your August 2014 results looking like?

Photo courtesy of: A Guy Taking Pictures

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16 responses to “August 2014 Results

  1. How exciting that you’ll have the furniture loan paid off 🙂 and that’ll have a good knock on effect of the next ones in the firing line! I think you’re doing great 🙂 it’s good to see the progress bars creeping up at the side too 🙂

    1. My bad! Wasn’t sure if you had it at the same time, I guess I should’ve checked. 🙂 Can’t wait to get 2 debts gone in two back-to-back months!!

    1. I’m so glad you’ve decided to go around and find things you don’t: love, use, enjoy to be rid of! It is a great feeling 🙂

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