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The Best Bargains on Everyday Expenses

May 15, 2016

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5132814130_ed54b1c73aIt seems like everyone’s check has to stretch a bit further these days. Rather than giving up on the enjoyable things in life, the savvy consumer finds ways to cut costs on regular expenses. Here are some ways you can save major cash without major heartache.

Cell Phones

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When shopping for groceries, the time-worn way to cut costs is to buy generic. But some generics are better quality than others, and the price difference between name brand and store brand vary a great deal as well. Compare the generic to items in the class that are on sale to find the best price, and remember which Brand X foods your family can’t stand. Of course, you could also look into online grocery shopping, a service now offered by among others. The services are often pricey, but may offer a discount to new members.

Off Season Buying

One mistake people often make is waiting until the proper season to get things like holiday decorations and gifts. A far better approach is to look at buying seasonal goods during the off-season when demand is low, and discounts are high. For instance, you will never find valentines as cheap as the day after Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check expirations on any edibles you pick up, though — while many candies have a long shelf life, some do not. Online shopping is another way to find cheap off-season goods, using the reach of the internet to find bargains at any time of year.

Discount Stores

If you prefer the physical shopping experience, patronizing discount stores is a great way to find fantastic bargains on a variety of necessities. Discount stores sell remaindered and off-brand products at a steep discount on the usual retail price of those items. Dollar stores are the most visible of this category of retailer but tend to suffer from a more limited selection than other discounters like Big Lots. Another kind of discount store is the bulk shop, the most famous of which is Sam’s Club. Though these stores often require membership and sell products in large bundles, the discount per item is hard to beat.
Budgetary discipline is the key element to any plan to save money. That said, there are lots of little tricks like the above as well. Put together your budget and live a better life.

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Taylor Madsen

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