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Just a Little Bit Everyday

February 5, 2014

I just had a huge light bulb moment the other day: if I spend just 10-15 minutes a day working on maintaining the progress I’ve made, I can keep up with my house! Of course, I must first spend a longer period of time initially getting whatever area I’m concentrating on in shape, but once … Continued

January 2014 Results

February 3, 2014

January is officially over! Here is my total January review: 2014 Goals: Increase savings account to $1,000 – PASS – Savings aren’t up to $1,000 yet but I have made progress in that direction. Demolish $10,000 worth of debt (This goal may have to be revised throughout the year as I have no idea yet … Continued

February 2014 Budget Plan

January 28, 2014

Here is my budget plan for February: Category Monthly Total Giving $10.00 Saving $20.00 Mortgage $754.65 House Repairs $15.00 City Bill $110.00 Gas $82.78 Cable $77.88 Internet $51.87 Phone $102.20 Food $150.00 Transportation – Gas $50.00 Car Repairs $15.00 Car Insurance $93.44 Clothes and Hair $30.00 Pets $25.00 Household $15.00 Personal $25.00 Crossfit $80.00 Cleaning … Continued

Shopping Freeze

January 20, 2014

There are really 2 choices when it comes to getting out of debt: earn more or spend less. I am really attempting to combine both of those, but spending less serves a dual purpose. Not only will it help me accomplish my debt goals but it will also help with the clutter in my home. … Continued

Budget Buster

January 17, 2014

It’s mid-January and winter has been come and go, the weather this year is weird… The other day in the cold, my car wouldn’t start. It was determined that the battery was dead, so it had to be replaced. If you’ve been reading along, you know that I budgeted a small amount each month for car repairs. This … Continued

How Did I Get Here? One Day at a Time

January 16, 2014

My About Me page somewhat explores the topic of how I got where I am today: in debt and deep in clutter. But that just scratches the surface of how I ended up in my current financial situation. I spent more than I make on stuff I don’t need. But why did I do that? How … Continued

How I Track Spending

January 2, 2014

Happy Thursday! Today for me is more like a Monday/Thursday since I had the day off yesterday it feels like Monday, but tomorrow’s Friday so it’s still like a Thursday. 🙂 Having a holiday in the middle of the week the past 2 weeks has really messed with my brain. Today I want to talk … Continued

2014 Goals: Financial, Clutter and Otherwise

December 30, 2013

Although I am new to blogging, I can see how having some goals will help me in my journey to a debt and clutter free life. Therefore, I am setting some 2014 goals. I am calling them goals rather than resolutions because I have never stuck to resolutions very well. 🙂 Without further delay, here … Continued

My Story

December 28, 2013

After reading my first few posts, I’m sure you are all DYING to know more about me and my story right? Well after I post this, I will be copying it into a page called “About Me“. My name is Shoeaholic No More (update: I finally revealed my real name, Kayla) and this is my debt story. I … Continued

Debt Totals Finally Figured!

December 27, 2013

I finally got the last of my balances figured out so I can give you a debt total. Adding up my total debt was scary, but I know this was a really great way for me to get a full picture of my financial status before I begin diving into my debt payoff journey. A … Continued

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