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October 2016 Budget and Debt Results

November 3, 2016

Hey all! We are already a few days into November and I can’t believe how quickly time is passing us by. The holidays will be here before we know it. At least I have a good portion of my Christmas shopping already done! I do have a confession to make, though. I didn’t make a … Continued

Efficient and Effective Money Making Techniques

October 31, 2016

Making money can be a daunting task for some people. However, this does not always have to be the case. Let me share with you some simple techniques that should get you up and running in no time. Opt for Entrepreneurship Perhaps you have worked for a stingy employee for ten years now. You work … Continued

National Women's Money Week Announces Ambassadors

October 25, 2016

Idon’t typically publish press releases on this site as I like to keep things fun and personal as much as possible. But this is definitely an exception as I’m honored to share with you that I have been chosen as an Ambassador for Women’s Money Week 2017. I’m also humbly asking for your help in … Continued

Can You Become a Millionaire by Switching to One Ply?

October 19, 2016

I was out at dinner the other night with a good friend of mine who is known for being very frugal. She’s frugal not just by my point-of-view, but by everyone who knows her. I have to clarify because y’all know I’m not very frugal, so almost anyone can be more frugal than me. 🙂 We … Continued

My First AirBnb Experience

October 17, 2016

Ever since I learned that FinCon16 would be in San Diego, clear back during FinCon15 in case you were wondering, I had an itch to make a “vacation” out my trip. FinCon by itself is pretty fun, but since I’d never  been to California before, I wanted to stay a couple of extra days to … Continued

Online Income: $8,050 in September 2016 + How I Save for Taxes

October 12, 2016

September was a crazy, crazy month. I worked like a mad woman before FinCon so I wouldn’t have much to do while I was attending the conference. It mostly paid off. I took my computer but I only used it once or twice for a few minutes during the conference. After FinCon, Erin, Chonce, and … Continued

Why I Finally Set Up a Travel Savings Fund

October 10, 2016

Travel has been on my radar more than ever after I quit my job, went to FinCon15, and decided on some places I wanted to travel this year. It’s just so much easier to travel now that I’m self employed. I don’t have to request time off, make sure I have enough vacation time saved … Continued

September 2016 Budget and Debt Results

October 4, 2016

I honestly have no idea what happened to September. Part of it was a blur as I was working extra so I could “take time off” for FinCon, then while I was at FinCon the days were long and the nights were short. As soon as I arrived back home, I was in a hurry … Continued

Online Income: $8,240 in August 2016

September 12, 2016

After a lower month of income last month, it’s great to see that August was my highest earning month ever! My hard work in July finally paid off in August’s income. If that sounds confusing to you, the reason why is because I’m basically paid in arrears for much of my work. I do get … Continued

Sometimes Lifestyle Inflation is a Good Thing

September 9, 2016

Generally, when you hear about “lifestyle inflation” in the personal finance community, it’s got a negative connotation. I get it. When people think of lifestyle inflation, they think of wasted money. People waste their increased income by putting it toward new or more expensive things rather than their financial goals. This is why increasing your income … Continued

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