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Why Blogging About Your Degree is a Great Idea

December 15, 2016

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macbook-336704_640There are plenty of ways you can ensure that your time spent doing your masters in health care informatics is valuable and memorable. Many students are now turning to blogging while they earn their degree as a way to discuss their issues, share stories, and just reach out to others in their health informatics program and beyond.

Here we will take a more in-depth look at just why blogging about your degree is such a great idea.

An Opportunity to Help and Teach Others

One of the best things about blogs is that they are informative. They are meant to share a message with the reader. Now sometimes it’s done in a funny way other times it takes a more serious approach. No matter which writing style you choose, your blog is aiming to inform others and teach them about college experiences.

It’s also an opportunity to teach them about the actual content you are learning. What better way to understand the content than by turning around and explaining it to someone else? In this sense, it actually takes your own learning experience to the next level.

An Excellent Networking Opportunity

The goal of your blog is to attract visitors and followers and what’s great is that this then becomes your own little network. This network can prove to be extremely valuable once you finish your degree and are on the hunt for a job. The contacts you have met through your blog will feel as though they know you, and you will come off as somewhat of an expert in their eyes. Both of these factors can help you get that all-important first job.

What this means is that your blog should always be kept professional. Remember when you publish it online it’s then public and stays that way. Think about the fact your future employer might see and read your blog.

Build a Portfolio

As you head into the workforce you will hear the same question over and over, which is “I’d like to see your portfolio”. For students straight out of school there is no chance to have an impressive portfolio yet, or is there? A blog essentially acts as your portfolio. It is your body of work up to this point. It’s all there in one spot, it’s easy to find, and it’s put together in a manner that makes sense.

When you are asked for your portfolio you can direct the potential employer to your blog. This is convenient obviously, but it’s also extremely impressive. It makes you look as though you are already established in the field.

Get to Blogging

Blogging can act as a wonderful tool for students to help enrich their studies, build a network of contacts, and start to build a reputation in the field before they even finish school. Anyone can set up a blog, and it can be exactly what you want it to be. Just remember to make it professional, informative, and attractive to the reader.

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Taylor Madsen

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