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Cheap Summer Activities for the Single Girl

June 23, 2016

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Looking for some cheap summer activities to do this summer? Here are my top cheap summer activities for the single girl!Hey all you single girls! Have you ever let being single hold you back from having fun? It’s a shame and I hate to admit it, but I used to let it hold me back sometimes.

Sometimes I think it was because I was scared to be single. Truly being on your own for the first time can be really scary, and until I went through my divorce, I hadn’t really done it.

I went from living with my parents to living in a dorm with three roommates to living with my husband. It wasn’t until after my divorce that I truly got a chance to spend any real time alone with myself and get to know who I am as a person.

Part of it is probably because I’m a social butterfly. I’m definitely an extrovert and I rarely spent any time alone before I got divorced and started living by myself.

After living on my own for several years now, I can truly say that this is the best thing I’ve done to get to know myself and develop as a person. I got a chance to listen to my inner self and learn what I like, what I don’t like, and more.

That said, I still know that it can be scary to go out and do things on your own. But since my friends and family are busy people with their own lives that don’t revolve only around me (the shock and horror!), I’ve had to find things I can do on my own.

This is why I’ve come up with a whole list of ideas for cheap summer activities for the single girl!

Watch Junk TV All Day

One of my favorite cheap things to do as a single girl is to spend all day on a weekend indulging in my junk TV habit.

Sure #netflixandchill can be a fun date night with a boyfriend, but for some reason, males tend to NOT appreciate our secret love for junky reality TV shows. This is why it’s a great idea to indulge in this alone when you boyfriend isn’t there or anytime you have down time when you’re a single girl.

This is also another reason why I love being single, I don’t have to hide my junk TV addiction from a significant other. 😉

Get a Mani or Pedi

A manicure or pedicure may not always be the most frugal choice when you are trying to save money, but they sure can be relaxing. Sometimes I’ll indulge in a pedi when I have a Groupon or other coupon.

I love going with a friend to get side  by side pedicures, but getting on by myself is almost better. This way I can just sit and indulge in the massage chair without having to talk to anyone. Even an extrovert needs a little quiet time now and then. 🙂

Hang Out at Your Local Coffee Shop

I used to be really afraid to go out to eat by myself, and I haven’t quite gotten over that one, but I’m getting there. Ever since I started working from home, I’ve gone to the coffee shop by myself on a regular basis. It’s a great change of scenery and it gives my cleaning lady a chance to do her thing in peace. Plus, it’s about the only time I buy coffee anymore.

The first couple of times it felt weird but now I enjoy it. I get a lot of work done, enjoy my coffee treat, and get some people watchin’ in too. It’s not quite the same as eating out alone, but it’s a step in that direction.

Go Antiquing

I love to go antiquing or garage sale-ing. It’s a fun way to kill some time and it usually doesn’t cost me too much. I only take a little bit of cash because I mostly enjoy looking at people’s junk antiques instead of buying them and taking them home with me.

Antiquing or garage sale-ing alone is better than going with someone else because you can go at your own pace. There’s nothing worse than going with someone else who is in a hurry or wants to take 5.5X longer at an antique store than you want to. Trust me!

Do you enjoy doing any of these activities alone? Do you have any other ideas for good activities for the single girl?

Looking for some cheap summer activities to do this summer? Here are my top cheap summer activities as a single girl!

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5 responses to “Cheap Summer Activities for the Single Girl

  1. Hi Kayla!

    I’ve been single for a while too, and I have always really enjoyed my own company!

    I love what you said about not having to hide your junk TV addiction. My married friends envy this about my life, along with other great things about being single: eating cereal for dinner when you don’t want to cook, not sharing the TV remote, and sleeping in the middle of the bed.

    Of course, I do have a teenage son, so I do have to relinquish the remote and cook dinner occasionally, 😉 but overall, there are things to appreciate about both lifestyles!

  2. Kayla, I think you should go with someone to share these cool activities. I was single for months and the activity I enjoyed the most is hiking. You should try it as you would meet lots of people.

  3. Hey Kayla, I just had to share this. I’ve been single for like years now, and it definitely made me focus on stuff compared before. I must say, the things you’ve listed down truly helps girls like us. Continue to find who you are, and you’d be settling with a fine good life ahead. Good read!

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