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December 2015 Results

December 30, 2015

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December Results

Wow! It’s basically the end of December already. Although the month is not technically over yet, I already have all of my numbers finalized as far as my December budget and spending. I wanted to share this with you right away because something excited happened:

I paid off a credit card early!

I had to take on additional debt this fall in the form of a new 0% interest promotion for 6 months in order to pay for new tires for my car. I thought I’d pay if off just in time for the end of the promo period in March, but I just paid it off 2 days ago. Woot!

Plus, my total debt decrease was the highest it has ever been!

In addition to putting an extra $458.53 on that credit card to pay it off before the end of the year, I also put an extra $200 in my emergency fund in December.

Now for a look at my budget and goals.

2015 Goals:

  1. Increase emergency fund savings account to $1,500. – Fail – I didn’t make this happen, but I am happy that I put $200 extra in there in November and $200 extra in there in December. At this rate, I should have this goal beat shortly into the new year.
  2. Demolish $5,000 worth of debt (principal). This works out to $416.67/month. ($5,000 goal includes mortgage debt pay down.) – Fail – Not sure how to handle this since I took on my car loan. I’m going to call it a fail, but it’s ok because I have a new chance to meet my debt goal in 2016.
    1. This also includes paying off my 0% interest promotion for my computer by October 2015. – DONE!
  3. Paint and prep home office by April 13. (My birthday!) MUST BE USABLE BY THIS TIME! – DONE!
  4. Attend FinCon15 and pay for everything in cash! – DONE!
  5. Quit my full-time job by December 31,2015 to freelance full-time. (I may pick up some additional hours at my part-time job to help make ends meet for a while.) – DONE!
  6. Limit spending on clothing, shoes, and accessories to $500 for the whole year! – Fail – I’m not tracking this anymore.
  7. Get rid of more books throughout the year than I get. – Pass-ish? – I got rid of a ton of books in my garage sale. I have only gotten 2-3 new books this year. Even though I’d call this a pass, I haven’t been tracking this for a while.

Debt Totals:

11/30/2015 – $148,127.92 all debt
$34,262.83 without mortgage

12/31/2015 – $146,742.81 all debt
$33,097.68 without mortgage

Difference – -$1,385.11 all debt
-$1,165.15 without mortgage


11/30/2015 – $924.87
12/31/2015 – $1,151.15
Difference – $226.28 Increase


CategoryBudgeted AmountActualDifference
City Bill$115.00$96.53$18.47
Gas Bill$20.45$20.45-
Auto Insurance$101.61$101.61-
Cash Spending$310.00$310.00-
Business Income$2,520.00$4,089.39+$1,572.82+

As happy as I am about my successes in putting extra toward debt and savings this month, I still can’t believe I spent over $900 on stuff that wasn’t in my budget. That is definitely something to work on for January.

How was your December?

December 2015 results

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8 responses to “December 2015 Results

    1. Thanks Kristi! I’m definitely excited about this win. I knew I could pay it off in Jan, but decided to go for it before the end of the year to end on a high note. 🙂

  1. Congrats on the extra debt payoff. Its probably good to have Christmas behind you, so you can focus a bit more on frugal living. When you get in spending mode sometimes it takes a bit of a fast to break the routine.

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