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February 2016 Budget Plan

January 29, 2016

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My February 2016 Budget Plan - what's your budget look like for this month?

I’m super excited and also a little bit in shock that it’s officially time to share my February budget with you. I’m excited because February is going to be a fun month, but it will probably also be an expensive month. I’m also excited because it’s getting closer to spring. Yahoo!

My budget plan below is preliminary and it may actually be the least accurate budget plan I’ve ever put together.

With that in mind, here’s my budget plan for February:

CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$115.00
Gas Bill$60.49
Auto Insurance$101.61
Cash Spending$340.00
Business Income Required$2,595.00

The reason I said this budget plan is probably inaccurate is because I’ve got several things planned for February that I have no idea how to estimate the cost of.

Next week I’m fulfilling my desire to travel more in 2016 by flying across the country to visit Cat. I’ve already paid for my plane ticket a couple of months ago out of my business account (since we will be working on some collaborative projects while I’m there – YAY!) and I’m lucky that she’s going to let me be a mooch and stay with her and her family so I won’t have to pay for a hotel bill. I do have to pay for gas to drive to and from the airport, which is about 3 hours away from my house, parking at the airport, food, and anything else we decide to do while I’m there. With these things in mind, I did budget for some extra gas in February and some extra cash for entertainment/eating out. I have no idea if it’ll be enough, so I’m just going to roll with the punches and see how it turns out.

After I get back from that fab trip I’ve also got a girls weekend planned with my BFF for the last weekend of the month. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be going to see her or if she’ll be coming to see me. That will have an effect on my budget too.

I’ve also got a baby shower for one of my other friends, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to attend. If not, I will still pick up a gift for her at some point. I’m estimating that I’ll spend around $20-30 on the gift.

Finally, I might have to take my dogs to the vet in February for their annual check up and shots. If it doesn’t happen in February then it will definitely happen in March.

Other than those variables, everything else should be pretty standard. I did have an increase in my gas bill for heating and an increase in my cell phone bill over last month. I got a new phone mid-December and thus my January bill was only a partial bill which is why it was so cheap. This should be pretty steady at $62 going forward. This is about $40 less/month than my old cell phone plan.

Whew! It looks like February is going to be a busy month over here. With all these extra variables I think it will be a miracle if I don’t have a completely different budget to show you at the end of February.

Do you have any fun plans for February? How do things outside the “norm” affect your budget?

My February 2016 Budget Plan - what's your budget look like for this month?

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10 responses to “February 2016 Budget Plan

  1. hey girl,
    I didn’t see a budget line for food am I missing something? Sometimes that can be a big line idem for me.I just need to know your secret.

    1. Hi Laura – I use cash for my groceries so it’s included in the “cash spending” line item of my budget. Thanks for asking!

  2. When I read all the things you have planned for the month, I just think – Adventure! I know you’re going to have loads of fun. My month won’t be as busy as yours but I have a baby shower in February too. I am throwing it for my sister in-law, so I am searching the internet for cute games to play, decoration ideas and cake ideas.

    1. I am definitely going to have an adventure and lots of fun! I think it will be a nice break from “the norm”. Maybe it might even be motivating for me to pay off my debt so I can go on adventures more often? I hope your sister-in-law’s baby shower goes well. 🙂

    1. Hey Jayson, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so no spending planned for that. I’ll be seeing Cat this week. I’m super excited!

    1. Thanks Michelle! It’s going to be a fun month for sure. It just makes my budget less accurate when I have lots of fun, “extra”, things planned. 🙂

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