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How to Save Money on These Popular New Year's Resolutions + My Podcast Launch

January 8, 2016

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New year's resolutions making you feel stressed? How to succeed at your resolutions and save money!

Did you set any New Year’s resolutions this year? While I don’t actually advocate for setting resolutions, I know a lot of people still do this every year.

Instead of setting resolutions, I like to set new goals for the year instead.

Is there a difference between a goal and resolution? There absolutely is! But, that’s not what we are here to talk about.

No matter if you set New Year’s goals or resolutions, here’s how you can save money while working toward these popular resolutions.

Resolution: Work Out

One of my goals for this year is to work out more. If this is one of your goals or resolutions for 2016, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. Joining a gym is costly and is usually short-lived. Instead, you can save money and still get a good work out by adding to and using things you already have.

I’ve started a daily workout routine that includes cardio (elliptical) and body weight exercises. My only cost to get started with this was to buy a used elliptical. (Mine was $50.)

You don’t have to buy all new equipment to work out at home. Workout equipment like ellipticals, treadmills, weight benches, free weights, and more, can all be bought used on sites like Craigslist and local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups.

The $50 I spent on an elliptical was cheaper than a  1 month membership at many gyms, and I’ll be able to use it everyday all year-long. This moved saved me several hundred dollars easily.

Resolution: Eat Healthy

Another part of my plan for better self-care is to eat healthier. This tends to be a common New Year’s resolution too.

Depending on what your definition is of “eating healthy” it can become very costly. Organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and more are all expensive. If you want to eat organic, that’s your choice. You just need to be aware that it’s going to cost more.

To me eating healthy means staying away from as many processed and packaged foods as possible and filling up my shopping cart with only fresh foods around the perimeter of the grocery store. This is already a pretty cheap way to eat healthy as the less processing food has been through the cheaper it tends to be.

Resolution: Go on a Diet

To me, eating healthy and going on a diet are two different things. I’ve tried diets before and never had much success with them. That’s why this time I’m just focusing on eating less and eating healthy instead. But I digress, going on a diet to lose weight is probably the most common New Year’s resolution of all.

Unfortunately, many people end up paying far too much to try out a fad diet. Many diet programs charge you for a monthly membership fee (similar to a gym) and then you still have to pay for groceries on top of that. Others that provide the food for you will cost even more per month, but at least you won’t have to continue to buy food on top of that.

When you subscribe to a diet plan that pre-portions your food, you are really paying for the convenience of it. You can save a lot of money by making your own meals and using tools like a kitchen scale and measuring cups to make sure your portions are appropriate.

Resolution: Get Out of Debt

Getting out of debt is something else I’m working on this year. Luckily, I haven’t taken on any additional costs to help me get out of debt. Some people end up paying for a credit counselor to negotiate with creditors on their behalf, or even a debt coach to help them kick their spending habits and get out of debt.

Instead, you can try to negotiate with creditors on your own, or you can look for a debt accountability partner to help you keep your spending under control. These options are usually free.

Want to hear more about my New Year’s goals and resolutions? Check out my podcast that just launched today!

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Click the image to go straight to the I Tunes feed, or you can find out more about the podcast here.

New year's resolutions making you feel stressed? How to succeed at your resolutions and save money!

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10 responses to “How to Save Money on These Popular New Year's Resolutions + My Podcast Launch

  1. Nice podcast, Kayla! Congrats! This year, I am really concerned about my health. I am planning to hit my ideal weight before April and would really try my best to stay in that body mass index. Aside from determination and consistency, exercising and proper diet are all I need.

  2. I too set goals, not resolutions. I’m just better at goals and know systematically how to achieve them. Resolutions feel too loose for me, while a goal is a statement of intent and you can easily create a list of action steps.

    Happy 2016! Thank you for a timely article and great site.


    1. Thanks Melanie! I am trying to be more active and healthy too. It’s so hard to tear myself away from the computer at times though.

  3. Congrats on the podcast!! I like the idea of setting goals instead of resolutions. Like Melanie, I’d say my main goal for the year is more self-care as well. I was so focused on the financials, that I wasn’t always buying the healthiest meal options. Now that I have some money to spare (debt free), I’d like to focus on getting my health and exercise to where they should be.

    1. Awesome! I’m so happy that you are debt-free!! I am wanting to focus more on my health this year, but I also need to make sure it’s balanced with my financial goals as I still have debt to pay off too.

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