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January 2014 Results

February 3, 2014

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7932571974_aebaea40d8_zJanuary is officially over! Here is my total January review:

2014 Goals:

  1. Increase savings account to $1,000 – PASS – Savings aren’t up to $1,000 yet but I have made progress in that direction.
  2. Demolish $10,000 worth of debt (This goal may have to be revised throughout the year as I have no idea yet how quickly I will be paying off principle and how much interest I will be accruing each month) – FAIL – In order to be on-target for this goal, I would have to pay off $833.33/month. My total debt only decreased $146.33 in January. I will work harder in the future months.
  3. NO OVERDRAFT FEES! They are just dumb and if I’m following the budget I’ve laid out they should not occur. – PASS – I didn’t occur any in January.
  4. Clear out clutter (This may need to be more specific but I currently have no idea how to do that) This goal also includes using the 1 in 1 out rule thus not undoing my clutter progress each time new items come into my home. – PASS – I cleared out lots of things and used the 1 in 1 out rule!
  5. Continue going to Crossfit 3x/week – PASSish – Some weeks I get in 2 some weeks 4, but it averages to 3/week.
  6. Paleo 80/20 and eat down my non-Paleo food stores without replacement (except for the occasional treat of course 😉 ) – PASSish – I didn’t do Paleo, but I am eating down my stores without replacement.
  7. Loose weight and continue to tone-up – PASS – I don’t think I lost a monumental amount of weight but my clothes are still fitting better and better.
  8. Continue to NOT chew my fingernails (Yes I am a recently reformed fingernail biter) – PASS – What can I say, I didn’t bite them.
  9. More books, shoes and clothes out of my horde than new ones coming in, this kinda goes along with #3 but I need to be focused on these items especially as they are a big issue for me – PASS – 20 pairs of shoes gone, net reduction of 11 books, some clothes gone but I’m not done yet!
  10. Read 52 books in 2014, that averages to 1/week – PASS – I am currently on track for this goal.
  11. Find areas to scale back involvement so I have more free time at home – PASSish – I had more evenings at home in January than previously. I will continue to work on this goal.
  12. Spend more time with family, friends and my pets! – PASSish – See #11 above.

Debt Totals:

12/31/2013 – $137,669.04 (including mortgage)
$18,905.74 (w/o mortgage)

1/31/2014 – $137,522.71 (including mortgage)
$18,966.10 (w/o mortgage)

Difference – -$146.33 including mortgage
$60.36 increase w/o mortgage


12/31/2013 – $254.46
1/31/2014 – $391.05
Difference – $136.59 increase


Monthly Total
House Repairs
City Bill
Transportation – Gas
Car Repairs
Car Insurance
Clothes and Hair
Photo courtesy of: Chris Potter

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