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July 2014 Results

August 1, 2014

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4771132618_ed91bb9dca_zFinally the end of July! I’m so looking forward to October and it’s getting closer 🙂

2014 Goals:

  1. Increase EF savings account to $1,000 – PASSish – My EF increased this month but only by about $6, I’m not sure what happened. Maybe I forgot to do my monthly transfer…
  2. Demolish $7,500 worth of debt – FAIL – My debt total did decrease, but because of my setback last month, I’m still not sure if I can hit this goal for the year.
  3. Clear out clutter. – PASSish – I got rid of a few things this month and I didn’t buy anything unnecessary.
  4. Continue going to Crossfit 3x/week – PASSish – I made it an average of 3x/week until the end of the month when I had a ton of things to do for county fair.
  5. More books, shoes and clothes out of my horde than new ones coming in. – PASSish – Still a net reduction of 13 books for the year.
  6. Read 52 books in 2014, that averages to 1/week – FAIL – I still need to change this goal, but I’m not sure what I want it to be.
  7. Find areas to scale back involvement so I have more free time at home – FAIL – I STILL have nothing to say about this.
  8. Spend more time with family, friends and my pets! – FAIL – See #7 above.

Debt Totals:

6/30/2014 – $135,387.15 (including mortgage)
$17,872.41 (w/o mortgage)

7/31/2014 – $134,965.16 (including mortgage)
$17,660.49 (w/o mortgage)

Difference – -$421.99 including mortgage
-$211.92 w/o mortgage


6/30/2014 – $695.19
7/31/2014 – $700.95
Difference – $5.76 INCREASE


CategoryJuly (w/leftovers)SpentRemaining
House Repairs$16.27-$16.27
City Bill$110.00$123.20-$13.20
Car Fuel$60.00$50.00$10.00
Car Repairs$19.31-$19.31
Car Insurance$93.44$93.26$0.18
Clothes and Hair$42.64$14.54$28.10

What are your July 2014 results looking like?

Photo courtesy of: Nikos Koutoulas

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10 responses to “July 2014 Results

  1. July feels like one of those months where nothing much is accomplished. Maybe it’s the summer weather? I kinda feel like I didn’t accomplish much. Haven’t looked at the numbers yet.

    1. I think I stupidly forgot to make my monthly EF account transfer 🙁 That’s why my EF went up only like $6.

    1. I’ve pretty much been breaking even too, with just a small bit of progress on the debt front over the summer as a whole (I think). But, I still really looking forward to fall!

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