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July 2015 Budget Plan

July 1, 2015

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My July 2015 budget plan - see my plans for this month. Have you set up your monthly budget yet? via @shoeaholicnomore
I recently told you that I’m changing the way I budget with my cash.

Prior to now, I’ve used mostly cash for my spending categories: groceries, pets, entertainment, etc. and I’ve broken them all down into individual numbers in my budget plan and my budget results posts. But as my time got more limited, because my online business is growing, I began to dread having to crunch all those numbers individually to put my budget results posts together.

The new idea behind my budgeting plan is that I’m still going to be using primarily cash for my spending. In fact, I’m putting my debit card away and I’m not going to carry it unless I know I need to hit up the gas station (basically that’s just for ease because cash at the gas station is a pain in the a$$).

Additionally, I’m trying to adopt a more minimalistic approach to my budget. It will be cleaner, neater, easier to read, easier to reconcile, and hopefully I’ll spend less money.

Have you ever seen the budget posts at Frugalwoods? I love their mentality that instead of budgeting and giving themselves spending threshold for each category, they just try to spend as little as possible. With my shopaholic ways, I don’t know that their method would work for me right now, but I’d like to move that way in the future. I think these budget changes are a step in that direction.

With that said, here is my budget plan for July 2015:

CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$110.00
Gas Bill$19.07
Auto Insurance$123.46
Cash Spending$320.00
FT Income$2,198.04
Side Income Required$500.00

A few short notes about changes:

I cut cable from my budget recently, so that category went down about $46/month. Yahoo!!

This month I have to get another set of contacts so I can see things more than 2 feet in front of me. This box will last me 3 months. Unfortunately, the price went up by $6 from earlier this year. πŸ™

I think that’s it for changes this month.

How does your July budget plan look? What do you think of my simplified budget plan?

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My July 2015 budget plan - see my plans for this month. Have you set up your monthly budget yet? via @shoeaholicnomore

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18 responses to “July 2015 Budget Plan

  1. Good luck Kayla, we tried cash and it didn’t work at all for us. We both go in a different directions everyday- and mike travels a lot- so debit works for us. Having said that we have our ”spending cash” (groceries, gas, eat out, cat food, everything in life) in a separate account so bills aren’t affected at all.

  2. I don’t like to manually input or keep track of every purchase either. We just keep track of how much we spend in each category. That simplifies things. I use credit so I have a paper trail. Then I just tally up our spending as the month goes on.

  3. I totally dig the simplified, minimalist approach! It works really well for us to just do the frugal autopilot thing–I think partly out of budget laziness ;). Here’s to a great July!

  4. Good luck with the simplified budget plan! I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you’ll be successful! πŸ™‚
    My June was super spendy, so I’m really hoping for a bit more control in July…

  5. We use cash for our food & gas budgets. It helps keep us on track and sometimes there is money left over at the end of the month πŸ™‚ I buy 1 yr of contacts at a time. I costs less per box & they usually give a rebate.

    1. Great ideas! I try to buy 1 year of contacts most of the time too, but last year I couldn’t swing that big of a purchase all at once since my car needed new tires at the same time. πŸ™

  6. Kayla, did you see my wallet hack so that I could do a primarily cash only budget?? It has made things so much easier. I haven’t used a credit card since April 1st (with crazy variable income) that hack has been helpful. You are going to rock this! Keep us posted.

  7. I’m all about simple budgeting! The less options you have, the less that can get forgotten/messed up/etc. However, I personally like tracking EVERYTHING I spend. I can tell where I overspend very accurately. Also, I can see where I’m approaching my budgeted amounts in real time. That’s helpful for me!

    1. That’s a good idea. I think I need to look into some different budgeting options because I have really been struggling with my budget lately – not just staying on track but the amount of time it takes to track everything. Maybe some budgeting software or app is in my future. πŸ™‚

  8. I think it’s a good idea to move to a simpler budget. If you dread doing it the other way, you’ll be less likely to put in the time to do it – at least if you’re anything like me! – which would, of course, defeat the purpose.

    My contacts are super-pricey, too. It seems so unfair to be born with poor vision AND to have to shell out lots of money to correct it!

    1. I know πŸ™ Hoping that I’ll be able to lessen those costs by wearing my glasses more often after I get the lenses updated next month. Sigh! That will cost money too, but at least I won’t have to keep buying them over and over after I get them updated.

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