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July 2016 Budget Plan

July 5, 2016

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I manged to blow up fireworks only and not my budget!As you all probably heard, I decided to get a roommate to help with my budget and to make better use of my home.

My home is just too big for one person, so I was either going to start looking for a smaller home so I could save money and make better use of my space, or start looking for a roommate. I didn’t want to take in just anyone as my roommate because I value my privacy and I don’t have a completely separate “apartment” for a roommate to live in, so I knew it would have to be someone I know and trust. This is why I decided to take in my brother as my roommate.

He will be paying rent and part of the utilities, but that isn’t reflected in my July budget plan. I decided to use his first month’s rent this month to make a couple of much-needed repairs to my home’s HVAC system. He also isn’t chipping in on this month’s utility bills since they are from usage in June, before he started officially living here. So next month, my budget will look quite a bit different from how it looks this month.

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This month’s budget is one that I’m actually not very excited about. I have a big bill to pay for the dentist. I need some new contacts. Plus, my electric bill is the highest it’s ever been. I think this is due to using the AC a lot more than when I used to work away from home. Before I started working from home, I would have the AC programmed to go up several degrees while I wasn’t home. But now I’m home nearly all the time.

That said, here is my budget plan for July:

CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$160.00
Gas Bill$18.06
Auto Insurance$101.61
Cash Spending$280.00
Travel Savings$100.00
Dentist and Contacts$297.00
4th of July$30.00
Business Income Required$3,060.00

Even though it’s going to be an expensive month, I did have a small financial win. I lowered my “cable” (not really cable) by cancelling the DVD portion of my Netflix plan. I didn’t really watch the DVDs regularly anyway. Most of the time I would use streaming to watch all of my TV on Netflix and Hulu. That was a savings of about $8/month.

One thing I really struggle with is sticking to my grocery budget in the summer. I’ve been wondering lately if I should increase it a little bit during the summer months. This could help pay for things like summer BBQs and get togethers. Plus I tend to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer. My grocery budget is $120 of my $280 “cash spending” line item. Last month I went over on groceries by a few dollars. This month is already looking a bit tight too based on my estimates.

What are your thoughts? Do you spend more on groceries in the summer? Hows is your budget plan looking?

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12 responses to “July 2016 Budget Plan

  1. I think we spend less on groceries during the summer, but more on eating out. We live in the south, so sometimes the heat is too unbearable and we have zero desire to turn on the stove or oven! We are working on finding some recipes that are simple and easier to make so we can cook at home more often though. Eating out adds up very quickly!

    1. Eating out is definitely expensive! I do a lot of outdoor cooking with my grill and I use my crockpot a lot to cut down on heat from the stove and oven. Plus a lot more salads and things like that so they don’t really require “cooking”.

    1. Yeah, I had a few things to buy for our BBQ that day and I didn’t want to make myself go over on “regular” spending by not breaking it out. lol 🙂

  2. A certain budgeting software I use has a rule of “embrace your true expenses”. If you have tried to cut something back and it’s just not working, or you can see an increase in future expenses, then yes, go ahead and budget for it. You don’t want to be feeling bad all the time, and you can try to cut back again later. Also, this is for groceries, not shoes! Kinda fits into essentials under my classification system.

  3. Yassss! I definitely spend too much on groceries in the summer. I chock it all up to the fact that cherries are only available one time of year and I’m just going to eat all I can while they are here. I’m probably on my 26th pound right now…and yes, I just ate some. Lol.

    1. That’s funny! I love to eat things that are only available in the summer too, like watermelon. It adds up, but I don’t feel bad about it either. 🙂

  4. We have been spending more on groceries this summer so far. We grilled out a lot and didn’t plan on doing that until the day of…so we usually have to go on a random grocery run. We were also eating out quite a bit in June. I am trying to work on that for July.

    1. I totally get that. Sometimes I don’t plan ahead for grilling out either and then in my run to the store so we can grill I always end up buying something not on my list too. 🙁

    1. Thanks Joseph! My grocery budget is my hardest area to stick to! Oven-ready foods are still cheaper than eating out.

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