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June 2016 Budget Plan

June 1, 2016

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Iv'e got great plans for my budget this month!I’m not really sure what happened to May. Between doing a lot of client work, trying to balance life and work, and being extra-busy with life stuff too, the month went by very quickly!

I have some big changes coming up on the life side of things, but I’m going to wait to reveal them until everything related to them is said and done. But I think it will have a very positive effect on my finances.

That said, here is my planned budget for June. This is the last budget plan I’ll create before the new changes take effect, so you’ll see a new style of budget template next month.


CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$115.00
Gas Bill$25.49
Auto Insurance$101.61
Cash Spending$300.00
Travel Savings$100.00
Clothes Already Bought$57.34
Business Income Required$2,760.00

Even though the biggest budget changes will be coming next month, there are still a few tweaks to my budget for this month too.

I started saving for an upcoming trip that I have planned for early next spring. I plan to set aside $100/month for this trip. I’m not sure I’ll use all of the month I save for this one trip, but I’d rather have extra than not enough. This trip planning is as a result of my recent Girls’ Weekend trip to Colorado at the end of April. We decided that we’d like to go on one girls’ trip each year in the spring or early summer. So that’s what I’m saving up for.

I also increased my debt payment amount by about $100/month. My balance transfer officially went through today and thus I have a BIG balance on one of my previously paid off credit cards again, but it’s because I transferred debt from two different credit cards to one different card to save on interest.

It’s a 0% interest balance transfer ย for 12 months with a 3% fee. I’m hoping to have the balance transfer paid off well before the promo expires. Another nice thing about this balance transfer is that I now have fewer individual payments to make each month toward debt, and less to keep track of as far as balances go too.

Finally, you’ll see one of the last lines on my budget plan is to pay for clothes I already purchased. I bought 3 pairs of capri pants at the beginning of May. I put them on a store credit card I still had open (even though the actual card is shredded) to save 20%. I am paying that purchase off in full this month so I don’t accumulate any interest charges.

I don’t plan to do any more clothes shopping as I got a pair of jeans and a couple of shirts on sale in May too to help with my new “casual” wardrobe now that I work from home. Previously I had only two opposite-ends-of-the-spectrum options. I either dressed up like I was working in a business office, or I dressed like a hobo in really old t-shirts and faded yoga pants. Now I have a few new casual shirts and pants to wear so I can be comfortable working from home and not look (and feel) over or under dressed.

Other than that, I don’t have much planned for June. But I can’t wait to share my new budget with you next month!

How does your budget plan look for June?

My budget plan for June - here's what my plan is and how I continue to pay off debt!

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6 responses to “June 2016 Budget Plan

  1. May was nuts for me too. June is looking that way as well. I’m headed to NYC and then I get to move to my own apartment when I get back. Can’t wait to get “settled” — in life and finance.

    1. Thanks Tre! I’m very excited about my trip next spring, so I love saving for it now so I can enjoy it worry-free when it gets here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. May was out of control for me! LOL I had my daughter’s birthday and my boyfriends birthday. Both are obviously very important people in my life and I went overboard on their birthdays — on gifts, eating out, movies, etc. It was all fun and great until I tallied up the spending just for their birthdays. Then reality hit! Eek! I will be trying to do better next time.

    1. Some months are like that. I’m trying REALLY HARD to stick to my budget this month. Those little $5 or $10 overages really add up month after month.

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