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March 2016 Budget Plan

February 26, 2016

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My budget plan for March - here's what I have lined up this month!

March isn’t slated to be nearly as exciting as February, but it is probably going to be more expensive. How does that happen? The month I had chalk full of fun activities actually ended up being cheaper than I thought and yet March is probably going to be more expensive. Sigh!

Here’s my budget plan for March:


CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$115.00
Gas Bill$52.37
Auto Insurance$101.61
Cash Spending$380.00
Weekend Trip$120.00
Business Income Required$2,730.00


I thought last month could be expensive because I planned to go visit my BFF this weekend as part of my February spending, but we ended up having to post-pone it until March. Thus, I added it to my budget plan for March instead.

I’m also pretty sure I’m going to drop about $100-120 on things that aren’t even in my budget plan above: a dentist appointment and vaccines for my dogs. As much as it pains me to say so, the vet visit this year should be about 1/3 less expensive since my dear Max passes away last week. These two items just depend on timing of when I get my bills though, so they may not hit until April.

Another thing I might have to pay for in March is getting my taxes done. Although I do a lot of the prelim work myself and I do my own monthly accounting, I still have my taxes done by a professional. I’m definitely not a tax expert and some of the rules regarding self-employment income, expenses, deductions, etc. are a bit over my head.

Other than those variables, March’s budget looks pretty standard. I am excited to see my gas bill for heating going back down now that most of the cold weather is past us (I hope!).

Do you have anything big planned for March? How does your March budget look?

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6 responses to “March 2016 Budget Plan

  1. Might be tempting fate here, but we seem to be the through the worst of the big expenses. So my hope is that March’s spending/credit card will be low enough that we can put a reasonable amount into savings. Yep, I’m exciting.

    1. Awesome! I hope you can do it. It may not be “exciting” but it brings great peace of mind when you can build your savings. 🙂

  2. Kayla, that is really a good budget plan. Mine is almost the same as my February, but I have to increase my budget for travel as I am planning to add one more abroad travel this year, which would probably take place in November.

  3. This month is moving month, so I anticipate it to be more expensive…I have a feeling we won’t want to cook the last week or so and most of our stuff will be in boxes. We’ll see. Hopefully we’ll make some money from selling our stuff too.

    1. Moving is expensive! Of course you don’t want to cook while you are packing and moving. Not only will you be tired, but all of your stuff will be in boxes and that makes it hard too. That makes total sense! I hope you do make some money back by selling stuff you don’t need. That would help for sure!

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