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November 2014 Results

December 3, 2014

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8190552951_a233ee9733_zI can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2014, but at the same time I’m counting down the days. I’m excited for a fresh start in 2015 and to see what I can accomplish! It’s hard to keep in mind that this year isn’t done and I still have almost a month left. I still have to “be good” with my finances this last month and then it’ll be time to review my first year of blogging and working to pay down my debt!

Here’s are my November 2014 results:

2014 Goals:

  1. Increase EF savings account to $1,000 – FAIL – But, it is back on the mend, though slowly.
  2. Demolish $7,500 worth of debt – FAIL – My debt total did decrease, but I don’t think there’s any possible way I’m going to make this goal.
  3. Clear out clutter. – This needs to be revamped and I need to get some renewed focus in this area…
  4. Continue going to Crossfit 3x/week – PASS – I made it 3x/week with the exception of Thanksgiving week!
  5. More books, shoes and clothes out of my horde than new ones coming in. – PASSish – Still a net reduction of 13 books for the year.
  6. Find areas to scale back involvement so I have more free time at home – PASSish – I’m finally going to give myself some credit here. I quit one of my side hustles, though it won’t officially be over until December 31st.
  7. Spend more time with family, friends and my pets! – PASS – Don’t ask me how I’m passing this goal right now (ok, it’s lack of sleep, but some very good times hanging out with friends on the weekends!). I’m just living for the new year when I will have one less thing on my weekly work to-do list.

Debt Totals:

10/31/2014 – $134,148.11 (including mortgage)
$17,477.07 (w/o mortgage)

11/30/2014 – $134,007.53 (including mortgage)
$17,548.85 (w/o mortgage)

Difference – -$140.58 including mortgage
+$71.78 w/o mortgage


10/31/2014 – $428.70
11/30/2014 – $438.85
Difference – $10.15 Increase


CategoryNovember (w/leftovers)SpentRemaining
House Repairs$30.00-$30.00
City Bill$110.00$110.34-$0.34
Car Fuel$80.00$80.00-
Car Repairs$30.00-$30.00
Car Insurance$96.26$96.26-
Clothes and Hair$55.03$45.03$10.00

How was your November?

Photo courtesy of: Rosa Dik 009 — catching up!

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8 responses to “November 2014 Results

    1. I think I’ve decided on my main goals for the new year, but I won’t be revealing them until the end of the month. 🙂 I’m glad November was a good month for you Brian.

  1. November was okay for me. We had over $800 worth of car repair, which sent our debt total up a bit. But my husband and I finally sat down and went over our debt numbers and made a budget together.

    1. Ugh! I hate car repairs. I’ve had my share of them this year too. Hopefully 2015 will be car repair free!

  2. November went pretty well for us, but I’m kind of intimidated by the changes that lie ahead. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s goals for 2015 and hoping to get inspiration for my own.

    1. I hope you won’t let you intimidation get you down. Just try to relax and don’t go at anyone else’s speed, you can only progress at your own.

  3. November was pretty exciting for me. I’m finally done paying crazy NYC rent, so I was able to bank that instead. I’m almost ready to start saving for a house, which is the goal for the next few years.

    1. That’s exciting Mel! Now that you don’t have that expensive rent, you’ll make huge financial strides I’m sure. 🙂

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