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October 2015 Results

November 2, 2015

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October budget results are live! Did I stick to my budget, or was I way off this month? Check it out @shoeaholicnomore!

October, where did you go? I can’t believe we’re already into November and I think the rest of this year is going to fly by.

October was a decent month. My savings increased and my debt decreased, so I can call that a win, right? I was even able to put more into my savings than my monthly target of $20. I put an extra payment of $50 into my savings and an extra $50 onto my debt toward the end of October since I out-earned my budget this month.

I could have put more in there, but I ended up having to buy a new pair of Muck boots since my old pair no longer fit right. (For those of you who don’t know, Muck boots are for wearing in mud and slop, which I had to wade around in this last weekend to help on my parents’ farm.)

Here’s how I did with my October budget and my yearly goals:

2015 Goals:

  1. Increase emergency fund savings account to $1,500. – Pass-ish – I don’t know that I’m going to make this goal happen. But I am still glad that I have started to replace my emergency fund since I had to borrow from it last month.
  2. Demolish $5,000 worth of debt (principal). This works out to $416.67/month. ($5,000 goal includes mortgage debt pay down.) – Pass-ish – I’m over my total target by a few dollars, but I don’t think I’m going to make this goal by the end of the year either.
    1. This also includes paying off my 0% interest promotion for my computer by October 2015. – DONE!
  3. Paint and prep home office by April 13. (My birthday!) MUST BE USABLE BY THIS TIME! – DONE!
  4. Attend FinCon15 and pay for everything in cash! – DONE!
  5. Quit my full-time job by December 31,2015 to freelance full-time. (I may pick up some additional hours at my part-time job to help make ends meet for a while.) – DONE!
  6. Limit spending on clothing, shoes, and accessories to $500 for the whole year! – Fail – I’m not tracking this anymore.
  7. Get rid of more books throughout the year than I get. – Pass-ish? – I got rid of a ton of books in my garage sale. I have only gotten 2-3 new books this year. Even though I’d call this a pass, I’m not tracking it anymore.

Debt Totals:

9/30/2015 – $132,099.89 (including mortgage)
$17,797.67 (w/o mortgage)

10/31/2015 – $131,651.16 (including mortgage)
$17,566.71 (w/o mortgage)

Difference – -$448.73 including mortgage
-$230.96 w/o mortgage


9/30/2015 – $616.23
10/31/2015 – $693.50
Difference – $77.27 Increase


CategoryBudgeted AmountActualDifference
City Bill$110.00$114.81$-4.81
Gas Bill$15.99$15.99-
Auto Insurance$101.61$101.61-
Cash Spending$160.00$137.66$22.34
Car Tags & Tax$379.76$379.76-
Business Income$2,790.00$2,827.06+-
October budget results are live! Did I stick to my budget, or was I way off this month? Check it out @shoeaholicnomore!

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16 responses to “October 2015 Results

  1. Nice job!
    When I don’t do as well as I hoped, I try to remember that missing one step doesn’t mean I have to climb the stairs all over.
    I love how you monitor your progress, it’s very encouraging for the rest of us. Thank you.

  2. Kayla,

    Nice work! It looks like you are making good progress – slow and steady wins the race!

    Your phone and car insurance seem really high – have you looked into trying to reduce those? We switched to cell phones only (no landline) with Cricket Wireless. For one phone line it’s $35/month :-).

    Good luck with continuing to make progress!

    1. Hey Derek! I have tried to reduce my cell phone bill, I don’t have a landline either, by unfortunately neither Cricket or Republic has service in my area. I’m in VERY rural Kansas and there just aren’t a lot of options here. 🙁

  3. Congrats on the savings increase and debt payoff! I had to reach into my savings a few weeks ago and have yet to replenish it with all the new expenses popping up.

    1. Ugh! I hate when that happens. I haven’t gotten mine back up to where it was before September, but it’s getting there again.

  4. Well done Kayla – debt reduction and savings increase is definitely a great achievement! I’m impressed that you stick to your goals and review them regularly – I need to do the same! My October was ok but I had so many unforseen expenses to pay out for that I actually did cry. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting nowhere fast!

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