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How to Save Money on Beauty Treatments

May 4, 2016

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brush-791306_640The aging process catches up on all of us eventually, so anything we can do to keep the wrinkles at bay is a good thing. Unfortunately, trips to the beauty salon don’t come cheap and if you regularly splash out on expensive skin and haircare products, they will set you back a small fortune over the course of a month.

One way to keep the costs down is to spend nothing at all and accept that you have wrinkles and your hair is slowly turning grey. However, who on earth wants to do that? The better we look, the better we feel and the more self-confidence we have, which has a knock-on effect on every area of our life. Luckily, it is possible to give Mother Nature a helping hand without breaking the bank – and here’s how.

Coupon Deals

Coupon deals can help you save money on high-end products. Check online regularly for coupon deals and sign up for daily deal websites such as Groupon. Most of the offers won’t be relevant, but there are always some that are worth printing off and using to fund your next purchase.

Loyalty Points

Many beauty salons run loyalty programs. They vary, but a typical example is for every ten treatments, you get one free. The same applies to online retailers. Some offer points for every purchase you make, and when you have accrued enough points, you can spend them on a product of your choice.

Free Samples

Don’t forget to ask for free samples. Next time you visit the local mall, ask for advice on skincare or beauty products. The assistant will likely recommend a few products, so ask for some free samples. Make these last a while and then go back for some more advice and free samples. You should get away with this a few times.

Bargain Beauty Treatments

There are lots of online recipes for facemasks and body scrubs made from natural ingredients such as avocado, oatmeal, sea salt, coconut oil and cucumber. Have a go at making some delicious beauty products. You probably have most of the ingredients already, so it might not cost you anything, and because these treatments are completely free from nasty chemicals, they are good for your skin as well as your purse.

DIY Facials

Instead of booking expensive salon treatments, try a DIY facial at home. DIY facials are easy to do: prepare a basin of hot water and steam your face for ten minutes, using a towel over your head to keep the steam in. Once your skin pores have opened up, use a natural face scrub made from sea salt and avocado. Your skin will feel wonderfully cleansed.

Don’t just accept that the prices you usually pay for beauty products and treatments are the best you are going to get. Shop around to see if another beauty salon has a better deal. If you want something different, such as Juvederm Los Angeles, then contact Your Laser Skin Care to see if they have any special offers on.

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