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My Typical Day as a Work From Home Solopreneur

July 11, 2017

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Lately I’ve been asked a few times what it REALLY looks like to work from home and earn a living online.

Some people think I sit around and watch TV all day, while others think who-knows-what.

But instead of having to explain it over and over again, I decided I’d write an updated “My Typical Day” post.

I’ve written a couple of these before:

Here’s My Typical Day #3: Working from Home as a Solopreneur.

6:30 AM

Ugh. This may not be early to some, but I’m hardly ever eager to get up when my alarm goes off. I usually snooze it or shut it off on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I have to get up and get moving.

7:00 AM

This is my workout time. Three days a week I work out with my personal trainer. The other two days I am usually just rolling out of bed.

Ready to get my workout on!
Ready to get my workout on!

After my workout, I come home, shower, and work out household chores, like dishes, or preparing food for lunch or dinner that day. If I didn’t workout, I usually get ready and then waste that extra time. Sigh! No one can be productive all the time!

9:00 AM

I head into my office to being working for the day. I’ve already checked all of my social media accounts while I was puttering around the house doing chores. I update my personal budget, and check in on my social media accounts before getting to work on my email account. I try to get some quick wins by taking care of the emails that came in overnight before I start working on client tasks.

11:30 AM

I stop working and head to the kitchen. My dad, brother, and I have lunch together Monday-Friday. We usually do easy things like sandwiches, crockpot meals, grilled chicken, etc. But, I still have to get it ready before we can eat it. My dad only has a 30 minute lunch break, so I try to have it ready to go when he gets here at noon.

1:00 PM

Back to work. Sometimes I like to take a quick nap, but usually I just make myself work instead.

3:00 PM

Snack time! I usually fix myself a healthy-ish snack at this time to help me keep my energy level up. I still have several hours of work left to do.

6:30 PM

I take a break for supper. Sometimes I eat at my desk (bad habit, I know!). Other times I eat and catch up on my favorite TV show. Afterwards, I either finish up the last of my work, or I binge watch TV or read a book until bed. Sometimes I do yard work or hang out with my friends. It just depends on the day.

What am I reading? The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore

10:00 PM

I try to head toward bed around 10 pm. Sometimes I’m able to watch a whole TV episode before falling asleep, but most nights I’m exhausted enough to fall asleep before the opening credits are even finished. At this rate, it’ll take a week to watch one TV episode. Sigh!

Life isn’t nearly as glamorous as some people think. Even though I’m self-employed, I still have to work. In fact, I probably have to work more than people who work traditional 8-5 jobs. If you sit around and chat with co-workers, you’re still getting paid. I only get paid for the content I produce and the tasks I check off my never-ending to do list. But, at least I can wear my yoga pants all day. 🙂

Life as a work-from-home solopreneur isn't nearly as glamorous as some people think.

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