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6 Businesses with Zero Startup Costs

March 12, 2018

Zero Startup Costs

Being able to afford to start and grow a business is something that holds some people back from taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. Even with an online business, there are usually at least a few startup costs to consider.

Nevertheless, if you’re serious about working for yourself, here are 6 businesses with zero startup costs. This means you can earn a profit from day one!

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Believe it or not, money is the key to accomplishing everything you want in life. Follow along as I share my journey to get my finances in order. We can do it together!

9 Smart Tips to Pay Off Student Loans Faster

March 15, 2018

9 Smart Tips to Pay Off Student Loans Faster

Paying off student loans is never easy, especially when your payments take up a huge amount of your paycheck. Every time you get your paycheck, you can’t even feel excited because paying off your student loans feels like a never-ending task.

So, how can you pay off student loans faster?

It may sound too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not! These 9 tips can help you pay off student loans faster, but they will require you to modify your student loan repayment strategy.

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Starting a blog completely changed my life for the better. Learn how having a blog can help you too!

Why I Think (Almost) All PF Bloggers Have Lost Sight of the Bigger Picture

March 19, 2018

A few years ago I got sucked in the world of personal finance bloggers. I was inspired and intrigued by the personal stories that were being shared about how to pay off debt, how to earn more money, and everything about people’s personal journeys. The blogs I loved most didn’t have posts like X Ways … Continued

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Life is all about living. Learn how you can afford the things you truly want in life, like vacations, self-care, and a rocking social life, all because of value-based spending.

6 Top Tips to Reduce Your Temptation to Shop

March 21, 2018

6 Top Tips to Reduce Your Temptation to Shop

I have never been all that interested in the latest fashion trends. I’m perfectly okay going out in a hoodie and jeans. Most of the time I can’t be bothered with accessorizing. I own maybe five pairs of shoes, and hate shopping for them.

However, once upon a time, I did have a dangerous obsession with buying beauty products. Cosmetics, nail polish, hair products and skin products. You name it, I wanted to try it.

Looking back, I do regret purchasing so much stuff. Because that’s exactly what it amounted to – clutter around my apartment. Last year, I vowed to use up all this stuff before making additional purchases, and so far, it has worked out well!

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