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Hi! I’m Kayla.

Let me help you build a business you can be proud of.

I help people like you become skilled virtual assistants so you can
earn a stable income while working from home.

I also consult with six and seven-figure business owners who need help
setting up systems and building virtual teams.


$10K VA®

In $10K VA®, I teach people how to become skilled virtual assistants so they can earn a stable income while working from home.


I match business owners with expertly-trained VAs from my program so they can get back more of their time and energy.


Don’t know what to outsource to a VA? Not sure if you have effective business systems in place? (Or no systems at all?) Let’s talk.


One-on-one business coaching is exclusively for virtual assistants looking for more individualized help getting their business to the next level. If that’s you, click below to keep reading.

(If you’re not already a VA, you’re not ready for private coaching just yet. Check out the $10K VA® program first.)



Kayla Sloan is the definition of a good communicator. She is articulate and approachable, which made her the perfect candidate to speak to my Seniors in American Government Class about easing into adulthood, student loans and budgeting.

Kayla spent a class period with my seniors speaking to them about financial missteps she’d made, how to avoid them and how to better budget money while in college, or as a person living on their own for the first time. The students responded to her warmth with some solid questions and all felt like they had gained some great insight into their immediate future.

I especially liked that she was willing to answer personal questions and also left the students with some access to her online website and tools.

- Nancy Rundel

Doing Kayla’s coaching program gave me something that an e-course or article couldn’t. I had read guides and I took e-courses, but something always felt missing. The coaching calls with Kayla gave me confidence and insight into leveling up my freelancing work. Thanks, Kayla for making an affordable, personalized coaching program!

- Colin Ashby

Working with Kayla was great. She’s very personable, always on schedule for our calls, and very generous with her time. I never felt rushed even when our calls were scheduled to end.

I increased my monthly revenue by $2-3K per month and also overhauled my website and improved my business systems with Kayla’s guidance. My experience working with Kayla was great!

- Laura Gariepy

I am so glad I found Kayla when I did. I was in the early stages of growing my business and things were starting to move faster than I could keep up with. Kayla has been there every step along the way to make certain I avoided any unnecessary mistakes, kept me on track when I was approaching a deadline, and most importantly – she has been tremendously helpful in allowing me to monetize my blog and website. If it weren’t for having Kayla alongside my business this past year, I am positive I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. She really can do it all when it comes to helping you grow your business online.

- Chris Peach

Kayla’s honesty and transparency is so refreshing!  My students gained such insight listening to her share her experiences about being a young person who is trying to change the way we should all live…debt free. I appreciated that she could relate to my students. I highly recommend Kayla as a speaker!

- Shaina Prough

We heard a Kayla, a successful young woman, talk about believing in herself enough to step off into the void, which resulted in her being way too busy to look back now. Kayla’s presentation was entertaining with good points you’ll think about later. Kayla’s empathy and her desire to inspire others keep you listening – and smiling.

- Patrick Toth

After four years of the same pay rate, Kayla’s encouragement was just the kick in the butt I needed to say “enough is enough!” I was granted a 20% raise today by using Kayla’s “Raise Your Rates” template and asking!

- Laura P.

Working with Kayla was one of the best decisions I could have made when it comes to my business. My first month of being a solopreneur, I only made $283. Now, I make double what my husband and I used to make in a month! I’m actually on track to earn $10,000/month by the end of the year.

- Kim Studdard

I really enjoyed the one-on-one attention and advice from Kayla. Having someone to walk me through the process and give me feedback in real-time proved invaluable to help me get started and book my first client. Having a cheerleader on the sidelines is something I would recommend to anyone interested in getting their freelance business started the right way, right away. Kayla was a cheerleader and a great mentor!

- Chiereme Fortune

My sessions with Kayla were GREAT! I liked that she kept it simple and gave tips to answer all of my questions. Oftentimes, we make things much more complicated than they need to be, and I learned that again with Kayla because her solutions were so simple to implement to improve results. Kayla was very giving with her time and resources. It was awesome!

- Gina Robison-Billups

I had been growing blog for a couple of months and I really loved it. I met Kayla at FinCon and could tell she was definitely someone to connect with. After keeping tabs on her for a while, I reached out to her.

I found the ability to talk through the things I was thinking with Kayla extremely helpful. I also brought specific questions that I knew she would have the answer to. This allowed me to capitalize on her expertise. I’m really glad I worked with her and would highly recommend.

- Emilie Burke
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