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Hi! I’m Kayla.

Let me help you build a business you can be proud of.

I help people like you become skilled virtual assistants so you can
earn a stable income while working from home.

I also consult with six and seven-figure business owners who need help
setting up systems and building virtual teams.


$10K VA®

In $10K VA®, I teach people how to become skilled virtual assistants so they can earn a stable income while working from home.


I match business owners with expertly-trained VAs from my program so they can get back more of their time and energy.


Don’t know what to outsource to a VA? Not sure if you have effective business systems in place? (Or no systems at all?) Let’s talk.


One-on-one business coaching is exclusively for virtual assistants looking for more individualized help getting their business to the next level. If that’s you, click below to keep reading.

(If you’re not already a VA, you’re not ready for private coaching just yet. Check out the $10K VA® program first.)

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Thank you for creating a “real” program like $10K VA. It was step by step and not overwhelming at all while I was going through the slides and information.

- Kerri S.

Simply put, I am deeply impressed with the content the $10K VA course provides. The materials are well-organized and easy to understand. Thank you, Kayla!

- Larry W.

I highly recommend $10K VA, especially for younger people who may be afraid to take a risk! You have the skills. Use them! This course is so well mapped out for you! Take the chance!

- Paula G.

I thought $10K VA was very informative and helpful. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. I have 3 clients already!

- Courtney S.

I thought the $10K VA course was very detailed and informative, covering topics I would not have imagined a self-employed VA would encounter. I currently am a subcontractor in the legal field. This webinar gave me a glimpse of the things that take place on the other side.

- Cheryl S.

Even though I’m new to the world of VA and working at home, I feel like the $10K VA course not only gave me the resources and ways to get started and how to expand my business, but it also gave me the confidence as to get started as well.

- Vinson N.

Kayla’s Find a VA service was very easy to use. The candidates reached out to us, and it was easy to set up interviews.

- Kate S.

The VA I found through Kayla has been great to work with! She’s shown initiative and attention to detail right from the start. I’m so grateful that she found out about my job opening through Kayla and took the time to go through Kayla’s VA training. She’s been a great asset to my team! I would absolutely recommend Kayla’s Find a VA Service to anyone looking for a highly skilled and reliable VA!

- Monica L.

Kayla’s Find a VA service is super easy! I just filled out a brief form about what I was looking for, what expertise I needed (software, apps, etc.) and an overview of timeframe, and I was good to go!

- Melissa

$10K VA really covers a lot of what you need to know and do to be successful as a VA!

- Rachel U.

It was very simple to use Kayla’s Find a VA service. I loved the high touch support from Kayla throughout the process.

- Andy H.

Kayla’s Find a VA service worked out very well. A great candidate reached out to me and I was able to focus a list of tasks that matched their skill set and add value to my business.

- Brian R.

$10K VA was a great course.

- Stephanie S.

$10K VA was full of answers to a lot of my questions and I’m looking forward to going back through it and clicking on more links and training that is offered! Knowledge is power!

- Kristina H.

The $10K VA course was great! The insight of information ranging from links to networking opportunities is was fantastic. I cannot wait to get myself set up and take on my first client!

- Erin W.

$10K VA has great content you can use for a base when starting a VA business.

- Kylie N.

I highly recommend $10K VA to anyone who is interested in anything secretarial or in digital office work. I believe it was a great investment, and I don’t regret it in any way.

- Makayla P.

I would definitely recommend $10K VA. I loved how clear each lesson was and they were so personable. There’s a ton of great, usable information 🙂

- Jenny D.

Kayla was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help me find a virtual assistant. I highly recommend her matching service.

- Melinda B.

I thought $10K VA was really well thought out. Kayla kept bringing lessons back to what she has done to get to where she is now. Whether it was mistakes she’s learned from, or finding ways to adapt to new client demands, I just got a real mentor-ship feel the entire way through the course.

- Amanda S.

Kayla helped me build and implement systems in my business in her program Six Figure Systems. Today these serve as the backbone for project management coordination with my virtual assistant, offshore developers, graphic designer and media relations team.

- Brian T.

$10K VA helped me enjoy the opportunity to reflect on what I have in place for my own business and determine what could be better, what is working well for me, and identify opportunities to level up.

- Rayna C.

Using Kayla’s Find a VA service was very easy. The only hard part was picking between everyone who applied to work with me!

- Lindsay V.

$10K VA is a wonderful motivator for taking action with tangible and/or clear action steps to guide you in starting your VA business.

- Sri O.

I loved the $10K VA course. I feel like I put my best foot forward when I invested in this course to help me get my VA business started.

- Aileene

I’d say it was so easy to use. Kayla was incredible to work with and found me the perfect VA!

- Robyn P.

It was so easy to find a VA through Kayla’s Find a VA service. I was able to share my role description with Kayla and I had a list of qualified leads reaching out to me.

- Allea G.

The $10K VA course was very informative and it was fun to read and study.

- Dawn C.

Kayla’s Find a VA service was the easiest thing ever. Thanks Kayla!

- Sarah B.

I enjoyed the $10K VA course and I learned a lot more than I expected. I am looking forward to putting all that I learned to good use earning some great income doing what I love.

- Nicole P.

$10K VA provided good advice and many things that I can definitely apply to my new business.

- Erica C.
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