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Beat the Heat

10 Frugal and Fun Activities to Beat the Heat

July 11, 2018

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With temperatures across the country soaring into the triple digits at times, it’s easy to get tempted to turn on the air conditioning and hunker down inside until October.

But, you shouldn’t let the heat keep you from having a fun and relaxing summer. With a little bit of creativity, and sometimes some gumption, there are several activities you can enjoy to beat the heat without breaking your budget.

Here are 10 frugal ways to beat the heat this summer.

1.Explore a National or State Park

There are 58 National Park Service parks in the US. Most of them have hidden gems like waterfalls, creeks, rivers, and lakes where you can swim (at your own risk of course). It’s also easy to find mostly shaded trails to hike.

Since you will only have to a pay a minimal parking fee, national parks are great way to get out into nature and beat the heat without breaking your budget.

2. Go Swimming in a Local Lake or River

Did you know that 50% of the world population lives within 2 miles of a body of fresh water? In fact, only 10% lives further than 6 miles away. Utilize some of those nearby lakes and rivers to go swimming for free.

3. Take a Hike at a Higher Elevation

If you are lucky enough to live close to a mountain range, take a hike at a higher elevation. Not only will it be cooler up there, but you may even get to partake in a mid-summer snowball fight.

4. See a Matinee Movie

Especially if you’re trying to limit your AC use this summer, seeing a matinee movie is an inexpensive way to get out of the house and cool off for a few hours in someone else’s air conditioning. Plus, matinees are usually cheaper than nighttime movies.

It’s also something worth considering if you’re going solo this summer.

5. Mall Walking and Window Shopping

Ask a friend to meet you at the mall to do some walking and window shopping before the stores open. You will get some exercise in the air conditioning without being tempted to go in and buy anything in the stores.

6. Wash Your Car

Throw on your swimsuit, get a bucket and sponge, and give your car a once over. This is an especially fun way to beat the heat if you have little helpers who may get over-excited to help with the hose.

7. Go for a Nighttime Ride in the Car with Your Windows Down

Sometimes the fans just don’t get enough air moving in the house. If you feel like you are going to sweat right out of your skin, go for a night-time car ride with the windows down.

8. Make Zip Lock Bag Ice Cream

Zip lock bag ice cream is really fun to make. The bag gets really cold, so you will be cooling off in no time.

Your hands will be freezing by the time it’s ready to eat. Since it only takes five ingredients, it’s also an inexpensive treat.

9. Make Virgin Frozen Daiquiris

Who doesn’t love a frozen, sweet, virgin, strawberry daiquiri in the summertime? Summer and strawberries are synonymous.

Virgin daiquiris are a great, inexpensive way to beat the heat, especially if you have your own local strawberries stashed away in the freezer.

10. Have an Adult Slip and Slide Party

As with anything in life, proceed with caution. Any risks you take are your own. It’s also probably for the best to not mix alcohol and any activity that involves flinging yourself towards the ground.

That being said, adult slip and slide parties are amazing. For the price of a shovel, a tarp, and a hose running the water, you can create a one of a kind backyard water party for kids and adults alike.

Or, you can get one off of Amazon for less than $20.

Wham-O Double Surf Rider Slide! Price: $17.99 Wham-O Double Surf Rider Slide!

Beat the heat and still be frugal! Don’t spend your summer holed up inside with the air conditioning. There are all kinds of ways to beat the heat while minding your budget. Be creative, embrace your inner child, and indulge in the sweet memories of summer.

What is your favorite way to beat the heat and stay on budget?

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Kristi Muse

Kristi Muse is a freelance writer, blogger, police officer’s wife, and millennial mom to two beautiful children. She loves homeschooling, organic gardening, sustainable living, and cooking from scratch. To hire Kristi as a freelance writer or to read more about how she lives a balanced life, visit her website or follow her on twitter @moderatemuse.

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6 responses to “10 Frugal and Fun Activities to Beat the Heat

  1. I absolutely love an evening drive with the windows down or hitting up the beach when it’s hot. I also like to visit the local art museum and enjoy the shaded areas on their campus and their air conditioner. I’ll have to try making the ice cream because it sounds amazing!

    1. I love art museums and local artist shops too. The beach is great, but I am terrified of sharks, haha! The ice cream is a lot of fun to make, I think you’ll really enjoy it!

  2. An adult slip and slide party sounds amazing.

    Also, a few movie theater chains offer $1 shows during the summer in the mornings. They’re usually for kids, but anyone can go.

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