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10 Ways to Improve Your Side Hustle Success By Pitching Your Services Better

May 22, 2019

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Your side hustle can be a viable way to make some extra cash to use for enjoyable things or to help have more financial stability in the future. Delivering better pitches about your side hustle can help take it to the next level.

Here are 10 tips to try.

1. Tell a Real Customer Story

Have a few stories from real customers that you can tell during the pitch. Be sure to get permission from those people first, though. Stories work well for pitches because they encourage the individuals who hear them to apply the facts you tell to real-life scenarios.

2. Mention How Your Services Solve Problems

Your customers want to know how the services you offer could help them solve the issues they face. So, you can improve your pitch by identifying those pain points. Maybe you have a dog-walking service. In that case, you could drive business by pointing out how you’ll help keep pooches active when their owners are at work or busy taking care of their kids. Keeping dogs active usually makes them less likely to destroy things out of boredom.

3. Offer to Meet Potential Customers and Address Questions

Research shows that 86% of people want to ask in-person questions before they buy products. If you write an email pitch meant for local clients, consider adding a couple of sentences at the end mentioning how you’ll be happy to meet them in person and answer their questions in a casual environment.

Or, if an in-person meeting is not feasible, do the next best thing and offer a chat via webcam. Either method shows you’re willing to tackle people’s concerns in real time.

4. Talk About How Your Experience Applies to the Side Hustle

When you pitch your side hustle, aim to bring up why your life experience makes you well-qualified to excel in this side hustle. One recent example of applying experience to a side hustle is a case where several college students teamed up to build a business from creating self-care-centric care packages for college students. They knew how self-care is especially important for college students by being in college too.

The four co-founders of the business typically include things they used themselves to stay upbeat during tough times. Each box also contains explanations of the inspirations behind each item.

5. Convey Your Passion

When people strive to show professionalism, they often do so at the expense of stifling their passion. But, professionalism and passion can go together in the right mix. One great way to display your passion is to explain the various things that made you want to start this side hustle. Alternatively, go into detail about how you believe your business model will cause positive changes for your customers, and how excited that makes you.

6. Bring Context to Your Data

Statistics can work well for your side hustle pitch, but only if given in context. When Steve Jobs introduced the now-iconic iPod in 2001, he knew that merely saying the iPod had a 5 GB capacity wouldn’t mean much to everyday consumers. So, he mentioned that those iPods held 1,000 songs and could fit in a pocket. Taking a similar approach allows you to use data in memorable ways.

7. Know What Your Competitors Provide

If other business entities in the market offer something similar to what you do, there’s no harm in mentioning some reasons for the superiority of your services. However, taking that approach requires significant confidence, and it’s a good idea to practice this approach with friends first.

8. Talk About Your Most Recent Business Achievements

If you’ve done things through your side hustle that would get other people excited, bring them up in your pitch. For example, maybe you recently won a local business competition or a grant. Those things help emphasize to others that you side hustle is worth knowing.

9. Have a Clear Call to Action

The end of your pitch should have a well-defined call-to-action. It might encourage a person to give you a call or sign up for a free trial of your services. The call-to-action urges people to favorably react to what they’ve just read or heard through your pitch.

10. Proofread Email Pitches Before Sending Them

Grammatical or spelling errors can make people substantially less likely to take your pitch seriously. That means proofreading it is crucial — it’ll only take a few minutes. To get more tips for perfecting your sales-based emails, check out the infographic below:

Infographic from Pipeline Deals

A Better Pitch Is Within Sight

These 10 tips give you actionable ways to improve your side hustle’s pitch. Then, you’ll have better chances of getting more customers and seeing higher returns on your business investments.


Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Start earning $10,000 per month.

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