December 2018 Life and Money Update + 2018 Recap

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It’s the last day of 2018 and it feels like it’s been a whirlwind.

Probably the most shocking thing I’ve realized in the last few days is that I’ve now been blogging for 5 YEARS – since December 2013.

The last few weeks I’ve been working my way through some of my old content, getting rid of things that don’t make any sense or offer any value and updating and refreshing some of the other posts so they’ll still be helpful for whomever stumbles across them.

During this process, I realized that although it doesn’t feel like I’ve made very much progress lately, I’ve come a LONG way since I started 5 years ago. (If you go read that post, don’t judge my terrible blogging skills. I had no idea what I was doing and sometimes I still don’t!)

5 years ago I had so much debt I couldn’t pay my bills without earning extra income on the side of my day job.

I had just graduated college and was hating what I faced “in the real world”.

I couldn’t sleep at night because I felt unfulfilled.

Since then I’ve built a business from the ground up, allowing me to 5-7X my monthly income (my business income varies from month to month).

I’ve paid off all but my mortgage and a few remaining payments on my low interest car loan.

I’ve found tons of friends online and built a community of like-minded people.

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There are so many blessings that I’ve experienced in the last few years!

Here’s a look back at what I accomplished in December, as well as 2018 as a whole.

Debt Totals:

11/30/2018 – $169,971.91 all debt
$7,380.49 car loan

12/31/2018 – $169,039.38 all debt
$6,652.16 car loan

Difference – -$932.53 all debt
-$728.33 without mortgage

2018 Total Debt Payoff: $12,079.10 – Over $1,000 per month!


11/30/2018 – $3,226.72
11/30/2018 – $3,336.90
Difference – $110.18 Increase*

*Does not include targeted savings funds, like my home improvement fund, travel fund, etc. This is only my emergency savings fund.

2018 Total Savings Increase: $1,299.93


In 2018 alone, I paid off $12,079.10 of debt principle, including paying off my student loan in full and chopping my car loan almost in half. (Keep in mind, it doesn’t look like I paid off any debt based on my total debt balances because I moved and got a new (larger) mortgage.)

I also increased my emergency savings by almost $1300.

My word for the year in 2018 was “simplify” and I think I achieved it in several areas of my life, including my business, my finances, and more.

I’m calling 2018 a pretty darn successful year.

For 2019, my word is “pivot” and the first move I’m making is to change things up (once again) on this blog.

Going forward, I’m going to stop sharing these monthly updates with my numbers.

After 5 years of blogging away debt, I’m finally ready to finish the journey without sharing all this information on the blog. I’m confident that I’ll achieve my goal of debt freedom and I no longed need this monthly update to hold me accountable.

I’ll still share snippets here and there in my blog posts of course because keeping my posts at least somewhat personal is important to me. I’ll also share more behind-the-scenes updates with my email list (sign up below to get those updates!) and on social media.

How was your December? What’s your word or goal for the new year?



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