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3 Great Reasons Why Business Printing Still Matters

March 8, 2017

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Digital media have successfully replaced many things in our lives, from the office document to newspapers and magazines. Regardless, print is still usable and even a crucial factor – it’s as important as ever in fact. Experts found out that employees of all ages still prefer to use paper in our current “paperless businesses.”

However, the question remains: why do we bother printing at all? Does your business still need printers? It’s true that paperless workflows through electronic devices are improving automation and reducing the need for paper, there are still benefits to using the “real thing.”

Printers still benefit the workplace

Business printers allow fast printing of physical documents, complete with that “grab-and-go” feel that no digital document can replicate. Paper documents are oftentimes easier to read than a document on a small screen and far simpler to add notes.

As more and more office and business embrace the benefits the digital world offer, the focus has been shifting towards maximizing employee productivity to make sure that every worker works as efficiently and productively as possible.

New strategies like virtual offices, hot Desking, and remote working have proved to be extremely popular with employers, as these allow reduced overhead costs, whilst at the same time, maximizing productivity. Still, research clearly states that workers often use their business printers and copiers to print documents in the modern digital office, which is why you need top brands like Konica laser printer and even 3D printers if you deal in manufacturing.

In addition to being quick and affordable to operate, laser printers are robust. Their so-called “duty cycles,” or the capacity to progressively turn out large numbers of pages, are usually higher than Inkjets. Lasers are made to handle volume; they’re adjusted to print faster and to print progressively without breaking down.

Maximizing productivity through mobile printing

The ability to print from mobile devices makes a worker instantly more efficient and productive. Modern printers allow users to connect to it through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, hit a few buttons from whatever device they’re working on, regardless of where they are and the document on demand.

Forbes also notes that a study conducted by the neuromarketing firm TrueImpact found that print, particularly direct mail was easier to mentally process than digital messaging plus it has higher odds of brand recall.

New and better opportunities

Rather than making print outdated, the trend does the opposite, it actually heightened the value of printed information. Around 79% of households say they read direct mail ads. Experts say that the world of print magazines is still going strong. Financial found that only 29% of consumers believe the Internet meets all their information requirements. Though they’re not a traditional advertising medium, print books are still favored over e-readers.

End Note

Using print and digital as complementary tactics is a smart strategy that will maximize your ROI. Your business campaigns will benefit from the steadiness and precision of office equipment such as Konica laser printers and copiers and copiers that will fit your small businesses, commercial or industrial requirements.

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