4 Benefits of Outsourcing Tasks in Your Business and Your Life

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Is life getting too hectic to manage everything? It's ok to admit you need help! Here are the top 4 benefits to outsourcing tasks in your business and your life via @shoeaholicnomore

I’ve always heard about the benefits of outsourcing tasks, but I never thought I’d be in the position to outsource anything in my business or my life.

Of course one of the hangups I had about outsourcing was spending the money to hire someone skilled, but the biggest road block I encountered is my uptight, control freak, OCD-ish nature. I like being in control and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle letting other people do things for me because they might not be “up to my standards”.

Luckily, I’ve gotten over that feeling. At least somewhat.

I now know that the people I’ve got working for me on my business tasks are more than capable of handling the tasks I’ve assigned to them, and the people I’ve got helping me run my life outside of my business are also dependable.

Sometimes things aren’t done exactly how I’d do them myself, but my mom always said, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”.

Now that I’ve gotten on the bandwagon of outsourcing tasks in my business and my life, I’ve realized there are quite a few more benefits to outsourcing than I originally realized. Here are 4 benefits of outsourcing tasks in your business and your life.

Free Up Time for The Big Picture

Gaining time is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of outsourcing tasks in your business and your life. Whenever you hand a task off to someone else you have less on your to-do list.

For example, I outsource a few things in my business. Besides having a staff writer, Kristi, I also outsource the creation of my Pinterest images to my friend Melissa.

Although I could create them myself, I know spending time to create these beautiful images, optimizing them for Pinterest, and sharing them socially several times would take away from other tasks I have on my never-ending to-do list.

In all reality, this task is something that would likely fall to the bottom of my list and never get done. It would be a shame though as I’ve seen a huge traffic spike over the last few days thanks to some of the images Melissa has created.

I’ve also started using Freshbooks to make accounting easier so I don’t have to spend as much time tracking my income and expenses.

Bless Someone with a Job

The first time one of my friends IRL introduced me to the idea of outsourcing she said “By outsourcing a job that you dislike, you are not only bringing yourself more joy and reducing your stress, but most important of all you are blessing someone else by giving them a job.”

Even though I’m a smaller blogger with a smaller budget, I always feel great knowing that I am able to contribute to the success of others. I always hope that the people working with me on these projects enjoy and learn from working on these things, but I also know that sometimes even a little extra money can make a big difference in someone’s life. I also try my best to sweeten their end of the deal by promoting them and their services to other people who might be looking to hire someone too.

Gain Expert Work

One thing I outsource in my life outside of my business is cleaning. Yes, I have a cleaning lady and I love it! If it came right down to it I’d fight tooth and nail to keep that expense in my budget no matter what.

Part of the reason I’m so passionate about having my cleaning lady is because I despise cleaning, but another reason is because she’s an expert.

That might sound like a joke, but it’s not. She gets my house sparkling clean in 2 hours when she comes to clean every 2 weeks. I know that if I were cleaning my own house I’d have to put in a ton more time than 2 hours to get it as clean as she does. Seriously.

Before I had a cleaning lady it took me 2 hours just to mop the wood floors because I’m so obsessive about not having streaks. I don’t know what she does differently, but the floor is never streaky and she can clean the whole house in the time it’d take me just to do the wood floors.

Earn More than You Spend

To get past the financial hang up of outsourcing tasks in your business and your life, make sure you are earning more than you are spending on outsourcing.

What I mean is this: I pay my cleaning lady $45 for 2 hours every time she comes. As long as I earn more than $45 (net) during those 2 hours I’ll have made a profit and have a sparkly clean home to go back to.

Another example, I try to keep my outsourcing expenses for this site lower than what I earn from it in advertising each month. I’m not always successful at this as earnings on a site can vary from month to month, but that’s the rule I try my best to stick to.

Now that I’ve started outsourcing tasks in my business and my life I don’t know that I could ever go back. I really enjoy the people I work with and I love gaining all these benefits of outsourcing. To me, outsourcing is vital in order to keep my business growing over the long-term.

Have you thought about outsourcing tasks in your business and your life?

Is life getting too hectic to manage everything? It's ok to admit you need help! Here are the top 4 benefits to outsourcing tasks in your business and your life via @shoeaholicnomore


  • When I used to design blogs on the side, I would outsource the promotion of my Etsy shop because I no longer had the time on my plate to do it. I’m definitely for having someone else to do some tasks for the sake of optimizing my time. In the near future as I put more time in to freelance writing, I very well intend on reaching out for a little help!

    • Latoya, definitely do! I’d love to help answer your questions 🙂 I love using outsourcing to help optimize my time.

  • Man, outsourcing does sound tough — I can totally understand why you would be hesitant at first. Luckily I’m not in a place yet where I need to think about anything like that. 🙂 It sounds like it’s working well for you though!

    • It was tough to get started, and let go of some control, but I’m SO glad I did it!

  • Teaching doesn’t allow me to outsource (that’s an exciting and terrifying thought all at once!), but there have been huge movements in education to really push for collaboration and work sharing lately. The whole idea of working smarter, not harder really crosses all career lines, I think! As someone who is type-A to a fault, I used to always think I had to do everything myself to get it done right. Life is infinitely better now that I’ve learned to collaborate, not compete, all the time.

    • Penny, I struggle with that Type-A thing too and I’m VERY competitive. Those are things I’m working on relaxing on a little bit though.

  • I’m so glad that you point out blessing someone with a job as a benefit. It is so true. I have employees and use a cleaning service in my home too. I am grateful to be in the position to give them jobs and enjoy the benefits they give me in support and a clean home. It also motivates me because, especially my employees, depend on me being able to pay their salary so they can provide for their families, which is a responsibility I take very seriously.

    • That’s a great point Shannon! I know the people working with me depend on that money as (part) of what they live on. I definitely wouldn’t want to let them down by not being able to continue to employ their services. Plus, as you said, I really enjoy the benefits they give to me as well.

  • I totally hear you on being a control freak. That’s totally me, and one reason why I never worked well in groups when I was in school. I always got more done on my own somehow. 😉 But work is a different story. Having a good team behind you is absolutely essential and can save you a lot of time and stress. Especially if something last-minute comes up and you need someone dependable to turn to! Melissa and Kristi are both awesome, too.

  • Kayla, thank you so much for the shout out! I love creating your images – I get to use all my pretty images, fonts, and colors! 🙂

    I only recently started outsourcing, and I LOVE it. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner – I wonder how much I missed out on by not outsourcing!

    • I totally hear you! I have started outsourcing and I still need to do a little more too.

    • OMG – If you can do it, you should! My cleaning lady is worth every penny I pay her (and probably more).

  • I can’t wait to be in a position to outsource more. I do outsource some technical things on my website. I could literally spend all day trying to figure something out and still not get it right. Having someone who is a master at this is really a time saver!

    • I agree! That’s why my first outsourcing thing for my business was hiring Grayson for his tech services. He’s amazing at it!


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