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5 Business Start-Up Tips to Lead to Success

June 25, 2019

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If you’ve ever taken the time to search the internet for business start-up advice, you’ll soon be bombarded with tips and methods galore. As excellent and helpful as some of them are, not all of them are useful to every start-up. Not only that, many of the tips are the same thing said over and over again.

When you start your own business, you want fresh advice that will actually help you. You want the methods that people don’t always know about, and you need the harsh truth to keep you motivated.

Ready to start your business? Use these five tips that will help lead you to success.

Confront Your Fears and Excuses

The dream of being an entrepreneur is one that many have, but only a few actually succeed. Why? Many succumb to their fear of failure, or they can’t get past the excuses that postpone their start-up. Both of these lead to the inevitable – the start-up idea getting forgotten about.

Confront your fears and excuses before you begin. Write down what you’re most worried about for starting a business. What is the driving force behind those fear? How can you overcome them? Do you see any excuses happening right now or you know will come up in the future? Have a plan of how you’ll overcome these.

Research and Learn Everything

When you start a business, you should be willing to learn as much as possible. Take the advice from not just the success stories, but from the failures as well. You’ll learn what not to do and what will work for you.

Read top finance blogs to help keep your money under control. Finances of a start-up business is a major stress that many owners deal with.

Buy What You Need

Although you don’t want to go overboard with your spending, you do need to make certain purchases to get you started. Use as many free options as possible at the start to help keep your costs down. However, that shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of quality.

If needed, look at business loans or small personal loans (Credit Ninja, for example). Use the money to buy what you need and budget the payments into your plan.

Stay Simple

A mistake that business start-ups often face is trying to do too many things at the beginning. If you take on more than what your business can handle, it often leads to going broke and having to close your doors.

Avoid this by keeping things simple at the start. In your business plan, make a note of how and when you want to grow your business. Be sure, though, that when you think the time is right that it won’t put you into debt doing so.

Can You Live With No Income?

Before you start anything, can you live with having no income for a while, because that’s the harsh reality for many start-up companies. Rarely will a new business make enough money at the beginning for you to live comfortably. There is a high chance that you’ll have to squeeze every penny and make what money you do have in your account stretch for quite some time.

When starting a business, perseverance is what matters. You’ll come across uphill battles that seem like you don’t have a chance. Don’t give up though.


Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Start earning $10,000 per month.

Fill out the form to learn how I scaled my business from zero to $10K with these three things and why I'm confident they can work for you, too!

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