Online Income: $10,895 in November 2016 + What it Took to Earn 5 Figures in One Month!

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I’ve been so close to earning 5 figures in one month for so long. I could taste it!

Last month I told you that I invoiced for just over $10K in October. But, not all of the income came in fast enough to be counted in my income report. So, I’m happy to say that I invoiced enough, and got paid enough, to earn 5 figures in one month for the first time.


I plan to give a report about what exactly it took for me to earn 5 figures in one month at the bottom of this post. But first, I want to give a break down of how I earned over $10,000 in my business last month.


VA/Blog Management Services – $7,790.88

Freelance and Ghost Writing – $2,450.00

Advertising on and – $624.09

Coaching – $30.00

Bonuses, Tips, etc.– $0.00

Total– $10,894.97


My income report wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share my expenses with you. Although it looks great when bloggers say they earned $10K or $20K or some other huge number, I always wonder how much they are spending in order to earn that much too. After all, they say you can’t make money without spending money. The further I get with my business and the more it grows, I realize this is 100% true.

When I started blogging and freelancing, I spent almost NOTHING. I had time but no money, so I used my time to do everything myself. But as my client list grew, I was able to put those skills I had learned to make more money. At some point, I had to begin outsourcing things to my team, or choose to give up some of my clients. I also started buying some training so I could continue to learn new skills after I had maxed out and learned as much as I could with free trainings and tools on the internet.

The expenses listed below are only what I paid out of my business account this month.

You won’t see a line for internet in the expenses below because that is something I would pay for even if I didn’t have an online business. (But yes, I do get to deduct most of it now that I have an online business.) So keep that in mind. ?

VAs and Tech Services – $1987.95

Accountant Services – $50.00

PayPal and Other Fees – $36.18

FinCon17 Ticket – $189.00

WiseStamp Email Signature – $48.00

Supplies – $16.98

Shipping – $2.61

Training – $97.00

Board Booster – $5.00

Canva Credits – $50.00

New Computer – $100.00

Total Expenses: $2,582.72

Income less Expenses: $8,312.25


Expenses were up for November. Some of the extra expense came from paying one of my assistants to work ahead on a few things before the end of the year. I also paid for my FinCon17 ticket during an early-bird sale.

Earning more also meant that my PayPal fees were a little higher than last month. But I know they would be significantly higher if I didn’t use FreshBooks for invoicing my clients. I can’t recommend FreshBooks enough if you are a freelancer who is primarily paid by PayPal.

Board Booster is something I started using a few months ago and it has helped increase my traffic from Pinterest. I use a combination of Board Booster and Tailwind to get the most bang for my buck on Pinterest. I also bought some credits on Canva so my assistant could help with creating images for the older content on my site.

I’ve been working on updating my website to make it more professional, so you might have noticed some changes like a new header, an updated about page, etc. To go along with that, I got a sweet email signature from WiseStamp that I love.

It’s also important to remember that my online income has not yet been taxed. This means that about 30% of what I make is going to be taken by Uncle Sam. That “expense” is not included in the net figure listed above.

All-in-all though, it was a good month. I FINALLY hit the 10K mark and I feel like got a lot of things done on my own blog and business too.

If income reports get you jazzed, you can see all of my online income reports on this page!

Just to see how far I’ve come, I averaged my monthly online income for the 29 months I’ve been freelancing. Even with the smaller months at the beginning, my average monthly online income (gross) is $3,756.97. My 12 month (gross) average is $6,840.97.

What it Took to Earn 5 Figures in One Month!

Instead of tackling a reader question this month, I decided to give you a behind-the-scenes peak at what it took for me to earn 5 figures in one month for the first time. Next month I’ll be answering a reader question again, so you can still drop me an email or leave a question in the comments section below. 🙂

Earning 5 figures in one month from my blogging and freelancing business was a secret goal of mine for 2016. I didn’t really put it out there publicly, but a few people close to me knew that was something I was striving for.

At the time, it felt like a very difficult goal. When I started thinking about the goal of earning 5 figures in one month I was only earning about $4,000 each month. So, I’d have to more than double my income to meet my goal.

Although my income has been growing, I’m not sure I’ll be able to earn 5 figures in one month every month. It took quite a few things going right in order for this to happen. That’s not to say it’s a complete fluke. I mean, I worked hard for the money, but I’m not sure it’s something I can do every month consistently forever.

Some of my VA income is commission-based and I happened to have extra sales to help boost my income in November. Although most people don’t recommend it, some of my work is also charged hourly and there was some extra work to be done before the holidays, which also boosted my income.

Long story short, it took a few factors working in my favor to finally boost me over the $10K mark for the first time. I hope I’ll be able to repeat this and earn 5 figures more often going forward. Time will tell!

Did you make any online income in November? Is there anything else you’d like to know about how I run my business or make income online? Let me know in the comments and your question could be featured on my next income report!

It's so inspiring to see how this blogger has grown her business to earn 5 figures in one month!
It's totally possible to earn 5 figures in one month with an online business. This blogger shows you how she did it so you can too!


  • Way to go, Kayla! This is a massive accomplishment. I was proud to pass my income from my previous day job last month. But I need to keep my gigs to a minimum while I focus on CFP classes.

    • Makes sense. I know the CFP classes and exam are hard (from what I’ve heard). I know you are going to do great!

  • Way to go! Breaking five figures in one month is huge – congrats!

    • Thank you so much! I’m very excited about it and glad it happened in 2016. I was secretly hoping it would happen this year!

  • That’s an awesome accomplishment. I like that you break down your income streams. Too often, people think you can make that much off of freelance writing & affiliate income alone, but, it takes income diversification to reach the income levels you have made so far. Congrats & hope 2017 is 12 months of the previous month.

    • Hi Josh, thanks for commenting. I do know some people who do make that much (or more) off of only freelance writing or only affiliate income, but I chose to diversify to help me keep from feeling burnt out and to help avoid lulls at different times of year when business could be slower. I think 2017 is going to be awesome!!

  • 5 digit income in a month! You’re amazing, Kayla! Keep it up. Merry Christmas! More months coming up with 5 digits! Yay!

  • Congrats Kayla! You are awesome at what you do and your hard work is paying off! Also, thank you for the Freshbooks info! I just signed up!


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