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5 Ways to Save and Earn Money by Decluttering

June 15, 2015

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Did you know your stuff could actually help you save AND earn money? Start by decluttering and you'll be surprised by what you'll find! @shoeaholicnomore

We all have clutter in our homes and in our lives. We overstuff our closets by constantly buying new clothes. We throw papers and random tidbits in drawers to get them out of sight, usually losing important paperwork in the process. We hang on to things we have never used because we “just haven’t had the time yet.” We keep books and magazines that we probably will never read. We hang on to so much stuff that clutters our homes, our lives, and our passions. Why waste time and energy on the unimportant things?

De-cluttering is about so much more than just getting rid of junk and making some space. It allows you to renew your focus on the important things in life. Every object you own requires your attention eventually. Whether it is to spend money repairing it, time cleaning it, or eventually getting rid of it, each object takes away from this much too short life we’re living. Use this list to start de-cluttering your home and your life. Rediscover what things are important to you, and start focusing your attention and money on what matters most.

Organize Your Office Papers

Am I the only one who has the bad habit of shoving stacks of mail into the office desk drawers because I am sick of having them clutter up my kitchen counter? If I had a dollar for ever bill lost to the chaos of the office drawer, I would probably have enough money to pay for the late fees on the bills I lost. Keep your papers and your bills organized. Immediately throw out and recycle spam mail. Pay for the bills you can, and file the bills you can’t yet pay in a prominent folder labeled “bills to pay” on your desk.

Toss Magazines

Either read it or recycle it. Don’t let them pile up. If you find that a magazine comes every month that you just never get around to reading, cancel the subscription. You’ll save space and money by just not letting it into your house.

Sell Used Shoes

If your house is anything like mine. Shoes tend to go everywhere. Piled outside the back door, kicked into the bottom of closets, and lost under couches. I have found it very helpful to go through all of the shoes at least twice a year. Usually though, I try to weed out pairs every season. My kids grow out of their shoes so quickly. Old and too small shoes end up just getting in the way, especially when we’re late and trying to run out the door. Take your used shoes to a consignment store or list them on an online yard sale forum. Earn some extra money while cleaning out your closets. A bonus is that having the shoes organized means way less anger and frustration for everyone involved on busy mornings.

Toss or Donate Unused Pantry Items

So many items in our pantry tend to go bad before we get around to using them. We buy more and more food at the grocery store because we think our pantry is empty. In reality, our food items just get pressed into the back of the cabinet and we forget that they’re there. Go through your cupboards and throw away anything that is past its expiration date. Food that is still good, unopened, and which you know you will most likely not eat, donate to the local food pantry. You will save yourself a lot of money in the long run by eating the food you know you have available before going grocery shopping again. You also won’t be throwing money away by discarding any more expired food items.

Sell Books and Movies

Do a quick sweep of your book shelves and movie collection. Pull out books you know you’ll never pick up again and movies that you’re likely never to watch again. Take them to your nearest used book store to exchange for either cash or store credit. You’ll clear some space off of your shelves and either have enough money for a new movie or a new book that you have been wanting.

As your home gets more organized, your life will become less hectic.

De-cluttering the smaller items is a great first step towards focusing your time, energy, and finances on the things that are truly important to you. Once you have your papers, books, movies, and random drawers organized, you can move on to the bigger items that sell for more money.

Put all money earned from de-cluttering into a savings account or even just keep a jar on your mantle. You’ll soon find that you have a sizable fund to do something fun you might have previously thought impossible. Use the money to take a trip, go to an expensive restaurant, or even just invest it in the stock market. Turn useless items into a form of income to use for making memories or building a nest egg for the future.

Have you tried any of these decluttering methods? Have you made money by decluttering?

Did you know your stuff could actually help you save AND earn money? Start by decluttering and you'll be surprised by what you'll find! @shoeaholicnomore

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