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6 Things Nobody Tells You About Making Money Online

February 14, 2017

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In no small way, the 1990s explosion that’s the internet has been a global game changer. Think e-commerce, government e-services, and all the other convenient services that you can access via the web.  Just like electricity and the telephone, the internet has joined the list of technological innovations that immeasurably changed the world.

If you’re looking to make money online, the internet provides a level playing field. Personally, I make a significant income online each month. I know people who’re making 6 figures just sitting by their computer and running a blog. It’s definitely within your means too, but not as easy as you might have been led to believe. Today I’ll tell you 6 things nobody’s probably told you about making money on the internet.

1.    It’s pain before pleasure

Working 10 hours per week, making money overnight, living anywhere and not having a boss to push you around – the so called internet dream lifestyle! Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Anyone who’s trying to sell you a money-making course will peddle this fantasy. The reality on the ground is that things aren’t this straight; you have to work hard and sweat it out. There’s no silver platter. It’s all about waking up every day and adding value to your online business. This way, you’ll create an authority site, and thus inspire trust. So make no mistake – its pain before pleasure.

2.    Appearances can be deceptive

Scams are not always black and white. In fact, most scam deals will be masqueraded as useful stuff. You probably have come across that cheap eBook that promises to tell you everything you needed to know about making money online. Well, in my estimation, that could be some form of scam. Why? Because no single book or product will tell you everything you need to know in this vast domain. Don’t just buy a guide and expect it to be your magic wand for making money online. You have to apply what has worked for other people, and then employ your own creative twist to it. Often, you may learn that trial and error will be your best friend.

3.     The golden rule – invest your online earnings

Not that anyone should be pessimistic, but online businesses can crumble overnight. That nosy little hacker kid in Montana might wake up one day and decide to use your blog to try out some new hacking methods. Google might change their search algorithm and boom! you’re nowhere to be seen on the top search pages.  That’s why I always advise people to re-invest and protect their online earnings. Use the money you make online to grow your wealth portfolio. Consider purchasing insurance such as Long Term Care (a recent note over at HuffPo talks about a couple who was wiped out by the cost of long term care) cover to protect your nest egg from life’s unpredictable eventualities. That’s how you tighten the leash and make sure that you’re growing your portfolio for the long-term.

4.    There’s no secret set of steps

You probably have seen so many ‘secret’ programs that promise to make you an overnight money-making pro. Sure, these programs might have some valuable information, but don’t expect them to be everything you need. There’s no secret set of steps, just hard work and your own unique creativity. Furthermore, part of the genius of making money online entails creating passive income sources. For instance, imagine writing about 40 eBooks over the next two years. You can take advantage of Amazon’s Kindle platform that promotes these for you. If people love one of your eBooks, they’re probably going to buy a few others from you. This way, you can have passive income trickling down to your account over many years. Come up with your own custom strategy depending on what you want to achieve in the long-term.

5.    You have to put in money, just like with any other investment

There’s no disputing the fact that you can start a website for less than $50. You only need to pay around $10 for a custom domain, and then dish out between $20 and $60 (could be more or less) for web hosting monthly. That’s quite something. But when it comes to making your online investment fruitful, you actually have to dip your hand in your pocket and spend money. You’re going to need tech services such as logo design (assuming you’re not a graphic design expert), and website customization. More importantly, you have to engage in some form of advertising to attract visitors to your new website. The more money you put in, the bigger your returns. If a blogger says that they made $10,000 in a particular month, the question is how much they put in to make this much? That’s how you get the clearer picture.

6.    You don’t need to be an expert

Most successful entrepreneurs say that you actually have to start a blog in an area you’re passionate (or care) about. Well, that’s good, because you’ll have a lot of energy and drive. But I have seen people make money in niches they care little about. I’ll tell you this – if you target people who have a specific need, then you can make money. If you see a need in the dog training industry, don’t shy away from the opportunity just because you don’t fancy the idea of training a canine friend. Go right ahead and pursue it. In this world of freelancing, you could hire a writer from Asia or Africa to write some very good content for you.

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