Become a Virtual Assistant in 5 Steps
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Welcome! I’m Kayla.

I help entrepreneurs like you systematize your business

so it can grow beyond your wildest dreams.

My experience working behind-the-scenes as a virtual assistant with multiple six-figure entrepreneurs helped me see how business owners struggle with systems and outsourcing.

This ignited my passion and inspired my new program, 6-Figure Systems, which helps entrepreneurs set up systems to streamline their businesses.

I also connect business owners with their perfect VA, graduates from my flagship Virtual Assistant training program, $10K VA.

So, if you’ve been considering becoming a Virtual Assistant and wanted to start your own business, you’re still in exactly the right place. I offer 1:1 coaching and group training through $10K VA.

My story...

After I graduated college, I followed a super traditional path, working 9 to 5, and looking forward to evenings spent on the couch watching TV.

Deep down, though, I knew there had to be more, right?

Wasn’t there more to life than working at the same job for thirty years, and hoping to someday, maybe, retire, and be able to have more freedom?

I couldn’t shake that nagging feeling, and thus, after many sleepless nights, my business was born.

I started freelance writing and virtual assisting "on the side" to make a little extra money in 2014. At first, I didn’t even think of it as a business or as anything that might be my way out of the corporate world! It was just a thing I did for fun that happened to make me a little money. Almost by accident.

My mindset didn't change until I was speaking with a friend and fellow entrepreneur. She asked me about my business goals and she saw what I couldn’t see. I tried to downplay as I told her:

"Who me? It’s not a business, it’s just a thing I do for fun…"

After all, I was only making about $15 an hour for my online work with a few hours here and there. There’s no way my “business” could sustain me at that rate.

But after speaking with her, I realized I could do, and be, so much more.

All I had to do was turn my ideas into actionable plans and start moving forward with a new business mindset.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Less than a year later, on July 1, 2015, even though I had six figures of debt, I quit my job.

A few months later, I created a six-figure business!

After I turned in my resignation letter at my full-time job, I realized that I’d never really quit anything in life before that moment. I was so worried about what the reactions of my co-workers, bosses, friends, and especially my family would be.

In fact, when I mustered up the courage to tell my dad that I had quit my job, the first thing he said was, “How are you going to pay for health insurance and save for retirement?”

He had a right to be worried. At that moment, I had over $148,000 of debt and I had just decided to leave behind my steady income to be my own boss.

I may not have had everything in order, but what I did have was a business full of clients who saw the value of the business systems I helped them create and implement. With the launch of my programs below, I'm here to help you do the same!