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April 2016 Results

May 4, 2016

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Find out how I did on my budget this month!April was kind of a weird month.

The weather here was all over the place with some days in the 80’s and others below freezing. These past few weekends have been full of rain and I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten more rain the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 years.

I also turned 25 and it felt a lot older than 24 for some reason.

At the end of the month, I had a fun weekend with some of my girl friends in Colorado. We did some hiking and exploring, and we also got some pampering too. It was a fun weekend for sure.

It was a fun weekend for sure, but it did set me back a little bit from paying off my credit card in April. Paying off my credit card in April was a stretch goal and I’m pretty sure I could have done it if I hadn’t taken this trip, but I don’t regret it at all.


I had planned to take a trip in May or early June to celebrate getting my large CC balance paid off anyway, so I’m just substituting this trip for that one.

I am 100% sure I will have my CC paid off in May, and I’ve already planned my next step for after that is accomplished. (Hint: It involves another balance transfer to help lower my interest rates.)

With all that said, here is a look at how April turned out.

Debt Totals:

3/31/2016 – $143,278.80 all debt
$30,297.12 without mortgage

4/30/2016 – $142,128.67 all debt
$29,369.34 without mortgage

Difference – -$1,150.13 all debt
-$927.78 without mortgage


3/31/2016 – $1,439.54
4/30/2016 – $1,464.74
Difference – $25.20 Increase


Before I show my table, let me just say that I know my numbers don’t all add up this month. I definitely had some “missing money” somewhere along the way.

CategoryBudgeted AmountActualDifference
City Bill$115.00$102.35$12.65
Gas Bill$46.64$46.64-
Auto Insurance$101.61$101.61-
BFF Visit$120.00$0.00$120.00
Cash/Other Spending$300.00$754.30-$454.30

Some of the unplanned spending was a $113 vet bill for my cat. She got sick at the end of March and the bill came in the first part of April.

Another portion of it was spent on gifts for upcoming festivities, like birthdays, wedding showers, etc.

I also had trouble getting everything to match because I spent quite a bit of money on taxes in April. I paid my 2015 tax bill and my Q1 2016 taxes. These are business expenses, but I think the extra money going in and out of my accounts kind of messed me up.

How was your April?

Curious to see how my April budget plan went? Check out my latest budget results here!

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8 responses to “April 2016 Results

  1. Relaxing is a great way to maintain our focus on becoming debt free. If we continue to pay off debt and not celebrate our progress we will become bored and give up. Have fun! You are focused and know what YOUR goals are! Celebrate the way you see fit. This month will be better! Keep inspiring us!

    1. Thanks Brooks. I’m glad I took a short trip in April too. I am so excited to get my card paid off this month though. Woohoo!

  2. I think the trip was totally well deserved! You work really hard and you’ve made such progress. You get after it girl.

    Do you have a business account or just use personal accounts for your business money? I can see how easy it would be to get confused with your many clients, and I know some people even put business accounts in separate banks from their ‘regular’ money.

    1. Yes, I do have a business account, but I do run a few things in my personal too because my business account is at an online bank and my personal account is a physical bank in my hometown. Sometimes it’s easier to use my personal account since it’s right here and doesn’t have the processing time of an online bank, which can take 3-4 days for money to be moved around.

  3. Wow! I love seeing your progress each month, Kayla! It is truly inspiring to see you turn freelancing and blogging into a full time job and manage to make more progress than ever on your debt.

    P.S. I hope you had a great birthday!

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