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August 2017 Budget and Debt Results

September 5, 2017

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Are you guys in shock as much as I am that we’re already into September? I can’t believe how quickly 2017 is flying by!

I also decided to move these posts into the Life category instead of Money. Even though the main focus in these monthly posts is still about how much money I spent, saved, and put toward debt, I also share some life updates in them every month. Plus, I want the money category to be filled with tips and advice. So, moving these into the Life category seemed to make the most sense to me. 🙂

Here’s a look at my budget and debt results for August.

Debt Totals:

7/31/2017 –$128,218.98 all debt
$18,868.05 without mortgage

8/31/2017 – $127,315.50 all debt
$18,196.75 without mortgage

Difference – -$903.48 all debt
-$671.30 without mortgage


7/31/2017 – $1,939.77
8/31/2017 – $1,970.15
Difference – $30.38 Increase


CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$102.01
Gas Bill$9.77
Auto Insurance$127.80
Health Insurance$280.45
Personal Trainer$170.00
Cash/Other Spending$1,877.78
Health Savings$1,300.00
Travel Savings$400.00


I feel like these high numbers are getting to be the norm. On one hand, I don’t like it. But, on the other hand, I have been putting more in savings. The more I put toward debt and savings, those numbers will make the bottom line higher too! Ideally though, I’d like to see the cash/spending line go down even more from last month and this month’s numbers.

I exceeded my goal of putting $1,000 away for my health savings as I’m trying to make up for lost time earlier this year. I also put extra in my travel fund. As I talked about last month, I think it’s important to do this before I lose my travel buddies due to wanting to start a family.

My lower debt interest rates are really being reflected now. When you compare that I put only $726 toward debt and $671 of debt principle was paid off, this means I’m only losing $55 to interest. Of course, $0 would be better, but that’s much lower than it used to be. Progress is progress! 🙂

I do expect to see fewer results for savings and debt in September. It’s going to  be an expensive month! I’m traveling by plane twice, paying quarterly taxes on my freelance income, driving to a speaking engagement out of town, and I have my mom’s birthday. Whew! I’ll be lucky to see much of a dent in debt this month. Knowing that ahead of time, I’ll keep it in mind to do my best with being more frugal.

How was your August? Did you enjoy your Labor Day holiday? I spent most of mine working!

I exceeded my savings goals and made good progress at paying off debt last month. Here's how!

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2 responses to “August 2017 Budget and Debt Results

  1. That’s an interesting observation about your interest payments, Kayla – and a motivating one. I’d love to see it in a graph, if you have the info. It’s at the lovely tail end where everything speeds up like the bottom of a slippery dip!

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