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August 2018 Life and Money Update

September 3, 2018

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I’d like to say things are finally calming down now that I moved in mid-July, but that would be a lie. Or maybe, you could call it hopeful thinking. Either way, it’s not true. Ha!

This month I’m sharing the good, bad, and ugly in my update.

But first, here’s a look at my numbers!

Debt Totals:

7/31/2018 – $175,401.13 all debt
$12,001.13 without mortgage

8/31/2018 – $172,751.45 all debt
$9,552.37 without mortgage

Difference – -$2,649.68 all debt
-$2,448.76 without mortgage


7/31/2018 – $2,814.76
8/31/2018 – $2,919.04
Difference – $104.28 Increase


CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$113.80
Water Bill$2.05
Electric Bill$174.31
Gas Bill$43.79
Auto Insurance$32.47
Health Insurance$306.70
Cash/Other Spending$1,324.44
Travel Savings$100.00


Since moving in mid-July, I’ve been BUSY. I’m trying to grow my business by doing a better job of marketing my course, $10K VA, my new Six Figure Systems program, and spending more time on this blog.

My efforts are paying off. This blog has the highest number of page views per month that it’s ever had. I’m also earning more of my monthly revenue than ever before from this blog plus my course, which means I’m able to continue cutting some of my freelance clients.

But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tired. In trying to grow my revenue here, I’m also still working with several freelance clients and I’m trying to do a better job of squeezing in life outside of work.

In August, that meant spending tons of time on my new house. I no longer have a cleaning lady, or someone to mow the lawn, so I’m doing all of that myself. Plus, I’m trying to paint and do home improvement projects too. These things are keeping me busy whenever I’m not working.

I also went on a vacation with one of my friends from Kansas and spent about a week feeling sick after we got back. I really like traveling, but I’m not at the point with my business where it’s very easy to do so. Travel means having to work my a$$ off before I leave and working my a$$ when I get home to get caught back up, which isn’t very fun. Sometimes it makes me question if the vacation is really worth it. 🙁

A Positive Note

On a more positive note, I made some awesome financial progress in August! I paid off my student loans using a small refund I got back from my old houses’ escrow account. I also made my first mortgage payment on the new house so I’m a month ahead on those payments, which is good in case an emergency would ever arise.

At this point, all I have left to pay off is my new mortgage and my car loan, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up my hustling momentum to pay off debt.

I know that paying off debt is only the first half of the equation. After paying off debt, there’s still the issue of trying to get ahead of the $0 net worth line by growing savings and investments. But, again, I’m so tired at this point that I’ve been very tempted by overspending lately and not giving as much of a crap about hustling my a$$ off with work.

I guess you could say I’ve got a *bit* of burnout going on.

I’m not sure when the last time is that I’ve gotten this deep and honest with you on the blog. It may turn some of you off from reading and following along, but I’m just trying to keep it real around here. I do love my business and my clients, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. It definitely takes work, and lots of it.

A Note About Expenses and How My Report is Changing

Given that I’ve been credit card debt free for a while now, I’ve started using my credit cards to pay for more of my monthly expenses and bills, both for my personal budget and for my business.

This does make it harder for me to put this report together this month as it’s kind of a jumbled mess. I am working on some ideas to help it be more organized, but it means that some of the numbers may not be quite 100% accurate this month. 🙁

Another thing to note is that I paid two months worth of electric bills in August as I paid for the bill due in September on August 30. My final bill came for utilities from my house in Kansas, so that’s still being shown in the report above, but it won’t be going forward (obviously).

I also finishing paying off my cell phone, so my monthly cell phone bill now only includes usage as my phone is just over 2 years old (and going strong so far!).

How was your August? What are you looking forward to next? Let me know in the comments!


Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Start earning $10,000 per month.

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6 responses to “August 2018 Life and Money Update

  1. I’ve felt like that before. I actually felt burnt out after paying off my student loans too. So, we took a debt payoff break. Don’t work too hard, and congrats on everything you’ve accomplished so far! Under 30 and killing it!

  2. Ah, burnout. Listen, it happens to the best of us. And everyone is different but I say give your self a little bit of wiggle room AND a huge pat on the pat. You’re doing so very, very well, Kayla. And if you’re anything like me, sometimes we don’t notice or acknowledge our success enough. We just see what we could be doing better. And it’s okay to have bigger goals and ambition, just be sure that you also see how much you’ve accomplished at such a young age. It’s okay to reassess your debt journey too. Yes, we know eliminating debt is wonderful, amazing and all the cool kids are doing it, but the right way, including time frame, is deeply personal. For me, I cannot sustain a breakneck speed forever. I get exhausted and to be blunt: extremely pouty. And I stop caring and I start emotionally spending and eating, which makes me feel worse and so I get more out of control. So when I get that point now, I appreciate the fact that I now have the self-awareness to recognize it (as you do too) and take a step back. Take a breath. Recharge and reassess and then get back to work. You’re doing great and don’t let anyone (and I mean you) tell you differently!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Tanya. You’re right, we get so caught up in the “I could do better” comparisons. I think I may take a bit of a break and just let myself ride this wave a bit!

  3. I love how candid you are about your life here: your blog is awesome! I just have a couple of questions, and I mean no offense by asking them.

    Wouldn’t it be worth the extra time back in your life to re-hire the cleaning lady and lawn service? I am not well enough to do much housekeeping… and I most definitely could not manage the lawn. Plus, why do the things that DON’T make your heart sing… if you can subcontract/delegate work? YOLO

    1. Yes, it would give me time back to outsource those things again. BUT first I have to find them, which also takes time to call around, get prices, vet them, etc. Ugh. I just need someone to do all the things for me without taking time to train them. Know anyone?

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