4 Benefits of Outsourcing Tasks in Your Business (and Your Life)

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Whether you are a business owner looking to grow — and running out of hours in the day to do it — or you’re a VA who has reached the limit of your capacity to scale as a solo operation, the answer to both is this: outsourcing!

In this post, I’m sharing four big benefits to outsourcing tasks in your business (and your life!).

What is Outsourcing?

When you think of outsourcing, you might think of customer service call centers moved abroad.

But in this day and age, outsourcing is any paid delegation of a task to someone who is not an employee.

If you’re a business owner, that may mean hiring contractors, like a virtual assistant to provide copywriting services, customer service support, tech support, or any other service you can imagine.

If you’re a virtual assistant, you may choose to hire your own subcontracted VA to help you tackle tasks so you can take on more clients. (That’s what I did!)

And if you’ve ever paid the neighbor kid to mow your lawn, then you’ve already outsourced!

4 Best Benefits of Outsourcing

If you’re thinking about growing and scaling your business, you might be considering whether outsourcing is right for you. But before you get to the “how” of outsourcing, you need to be sure about the “why!”

And in this guide, I’m sharing the most important benefits of outsourcing!

1. More Free Time

Gaining time is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of outsourcing tasks in your business and your life.

Whenever you hand a task off to someone else, you have less on your to-do list!

For example, I outsource a few things in my business. Besides having a copywriter, Sierra, I also outsource the creation of my Pinterest images to my husband and graphic designer, Tim.

Although I could create them myself, I know spending time to create these beautiful images, optimizing them for Pinterest, and sharing them socially several times would take away from other tasks I have on my never-ending to-do list.

In all reality, this task is something that would likely fall to the bottom of my list and never get done. And I can see the value of having outsourced the image creation because I’ve seen a huge traffic spike since Tim took over the Pinterest creation!

I’ve also use Freshbooks to make accounting easier so I don’t have to spend as much time tracking my income and expenses.

Last, I’ve hired two assistants to help with my customer service and course support for $10K VA. I added the second customer service assistant just last year to help me manage my own inbox.

Because my VAs primarily manage the inboxes, I spend very little time each week answering email. And because they are focused on serving, I know that our readers and students are getting the attention they deserve!

By outsourcing these things, I’ve created more time I can use to work ON my business and be the visionary instead of working IN my business. Plus, it’s helped me create better work-life balance.

2. Bless Someone with a Job

The first time one of my friends introduced me to the idea of outsourcing she said:

“By outsourcing a job that you dislike, you are not only bringing yourself more joy and reducing your stress, but most important of all you are blessing someone else by giving them a job.”

I often hear business owners worry that they don’t have enough work to give to a VA.

When I sit down with clients who are looking to hire a VA, many mistakenly think they need a full-time job’s worth of work to delegate before they can justify hiring.

But you never know how even a small set of tasks can bless someone else.

Many of my $10K VA students are moms who have limited time to work each week but who want to bring in some extra income. So small roles on remote teams are perfect for them!

There is a perfect VA for every set of tasks, and I can personally confirm how grateful those VAs are for that work.

Interested in hiring a VA? Click here to be connected with a $10K VA graduate!

3. Gain Expert Work

One thing I outsource in my life outside of my business is cleaning.

Yes, I have a cleaning lady and I love it! If it came right down to it, I’d fight tooth and nail to keep that expense in my budget no matter what.

Part of the reason I’m so passionate about having my cleaning lady is that I despise cleaning she’s an expert.

That might sound like a joke, but it’s not. She gets my house sparkling clean in just two hours when she comes to clean every other week. She can clean my whole house in the time it would take me just to mop my floors.

This principle applies outside of domestic work, too!

When you outsource your email sales funnel creation to a VA who is passionate about working with tools like ConvertKit (or whatever tool you use!), you’re getting someone who has expertise in using it.

When you hire a copywriter, you are hiring someone who is talented and practiced at writing.

Not only will this save you having to become an expert in every single area of your business, but you will also get expert quality results on your projects.

Like sparkling, streak-free floors!

4. Earn More than You Spend

When you outsource tasks in your business, you are free to take on bigger projects, more projects, or to create entirely new revenue-generating opportunities instead.

And that can be a big deal for your bottom line!

Many business owners I have met will forget to consider the opportunity cost of doing tasks themselves when they are contemplating outsourcing.

When you focus only on the cost, and not on the ways in which you can now earn money with that free time, the idea of outsourcing will be scary.

But if you instead think of outsourcing as delegating away the tasks that don’t make as much money, you will be free to pursue more of the tasks that make you a LOT of money.

This applies whether you’re a business looking to grow or a VA who wants to scale to take on larger clients.

In fact, almost everyone can find benefits from outsourcing!

What kinds of tasks should you outsource?

Here’s a (very, very short!) list of the many kinds of tasks that you can outsource:

  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Composing email newsletters
  • Managing customer service emails
  • Publishing podcast episodes
  • Blog post writing
  • SEO research
  • Social media community management
  • Accounting / bookkeeping
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing

The reality is that almost any task you do in your business could be outsourced!

To help you decide what to outsource, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Does this task bring me joy?

If you love doing the task, don’t outsource it! But if you would rather do something else with your time, it’s a good candidate to outsource.

Does this task have a repeatable process?

If the answer is yes, it’s a GREAT candidate to outsource.

Even if you don’t have a process yet, tasks that you do repeatedly are still potential tasks to delegate. Then you can work with your VA to create that process as they learn how to do it for you!

Does this task often fall to the bottom of your to-do list?

If you find that certain tasks are always sitting at the bottom of your to-do list (and often get bumped for higher priority tasks), these may be better delegated.

Is this task outside your area of expertise?

There’s nothing wrong with learning something new to grow your business. But if you are finding yourself going far outside your comfort zone to figure it out, you may need some expert help.

Not only will this save you time and many headaches, but you’ll also get a better finished product by outsourcing!

Overcoming Hesitations to Outsourcing

In my own experience as a VA and as a business owner, there are two major hangups that I had about outsourcing before I started.

The first was my uncertainty about spending the money to hire someone with the skills to do the work.

But the biggest road-block I experienced was mental: My uptight, control freak, OCD-ish nature.

I like being in control and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle letting other people do things for me!

Those are the two biggest objections that I see other business owners and VAs having about outsourcing, too.

Since overcoming my own barriers to outsourcing, I have successfully outsourced tasks in both my business and my personal life!

What about you? Have you thought about outsourcing? What are some other possible benefits of outsourcing?


  • When I used to design blogs on the side, I would outsource the promotion of my Etsy shop because I no longer had the time on my plate to do it. I’m definitely for having someone else to do some tasks for the sake of optimizing my time. In the near future as I put more time in to freelance writing, I very well intend on reaching out for a little help!

    • Latoya, definitely do! I’d love to help answer your questions 🙂 I love using outsourcing to help optimize my time.

  • Man, outsourcing does sound tough — I can totally understand why you would be hesitant at first. Luckily I’m not in a place yet where I need to think about anything like that. 🙂 It sounds like it’s working well for you though!

    • It was tough to get started, and let go of some control, but I’m SO glad I did it!

  • Teaching doesn’t allow me to outsource (that’s an exciting and terrifying thought all at once!), but there have been huge movements in education to really push for collaboration and work sharing lately. The whole idea of working smarter, not harder really crosses all career lines, I think! As someone who is type-A to a fault, I used to always think I had to do everything myself to get it done right. Life is infinitely better now that I’ve learned to collaborate, not compete, all the time.

    • Penny, I struggle with that Type-A thing too and I’m VERY competitive. Those are things I’m working on relaxing on a little bit though.

  • I’m so glad that you point out blessing someone with a job as a benefit. It is so true. I have employees and use a cleaning service in my home too. I am grateful to be in the position to give them jobs and enjoy the benefits they give me in support and a clean home. It also motivates me because, especially my employees, depend on me being able to pay their salary so they can provide for their families, which is a responsibility I take very seriously.

    • That’s a great point Shannon! I know the people working with me depend on that money as (part) of what they live on. I definitely wouldn’t want to let them down by not being able to continue to employ their services. Plus, as you said, I really enjoy the benefits they give to me as well.

  • I totally hear you on being a control freak. That’s totally me, and one reason why I never worked well in groups when I was in school. I always got more done on my own somehow. 😉 But work is a different story. Having a good team behind you is absolutely essential and can save you a lot of time and stress. Especially if something last-minute comes up and you need someone dependable to turn to! Melissa and Kristi are both awesome, too.

  • Kayla, thank you so much for the shout out! I love creating your images – I get to use all my pretty images, fonts, and colors! 🙂

    I only recently started outsourcing, and I LOVE it. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner – I wonder how much I missed out on by not outsourcing!

    • I totally hear you! I have started outsourcing and I still need to do a little more too.

    • OMG – If you can do it, you should! My cleaning lady is worth every penny I pay her (and probably more).

  • I can’t wait to be in a position to outsource more. I do outsource some technical things on my website. I could literally spend all day trying to figure something out and still not get it right. Having someone who is a master at this is really a time saver!

    • I agree! That’s why my first outsourcing thing for my business was hiring Grayson for his tech services. He’s amazing at it!


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