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Did Black Friday Get the Best of Me?

December 5, 2014

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Yes, I admit it, Black Friday did entice me to shop this year. I’m guilty!

Friday morning my mom and I placed an order together for some hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. I got 4 bottles for myself and she got 7 (I think). For this purchase, I took the money out of my household fund because that’s where the money for household goods usually comes from. So, we’re all good there.

Then we placed another order via Victoria’s Secret. I did say I needed 1 more bra and they were having a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale! So by combining an order with my mom, we each got one bra for 25% off.

OpMAUR1-19130695v275ver the weekend, mom and I decided to place one more joint order to Maurices so we could take advantage of buy 1 get 1 50% off on jeans since we each needed 1 pair. This means we both got one pair of jeans at 25% off. This was also listed on my approved shopping list. On the same order, I also got one more pair of workout capris at 40% off (also approved spending).

I wasn’t planning on doing any other shopping for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but then I remembered my $10 off coupon to JCP and combined with their Cyber Monday sale, I got my last needed bra, my last needed pair of workout pants, and 1 pair of PJ pants for $40! The PJ pants weren’t approved spending, but in order to get free shipping I needed 1 more item in my cart. The pants were $8 and the shipping was $8, so it was a smart move to get one more item rather than pay for shipping.

In order to keep my clutter down, I will be getting rid of a couple of old bras, a couple of pairs of old workout capris, and a pair of old PJ pants.

Though I hadn’t planned on shopping at all, I think I did pretty good overall. The most expensive thing was that darned bra! (But the VS ones are by far the best!)


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13 responses to “Did Black Friday Get the Best of Me?

  1. I did good this year. I purposely stayed home to avoid shopping. My girlfriend called me while she was shopping it up and asked me to meet her for lunch. After hearing about the savings she was getting I was too chicken to even go out to meet her for fear I would catch the shopping bug. I know me…and I would have slammed my good friend Visa on the table to shop it up.

    1. Good for you! I’m glad you know yourself well enough to avoid the situation altogether. My BFF called me while she was out shopping too, but luckily I couldn’t go meet her as she was over 5 hours away. I would’ve like to see her, but I know I would’ve spend more. 🙂

  2. I never go Black Friday shopping, but if I ever did, it would only be online shopping. I’ve heard of many horror stories, but I’ve also heard a lot of stores keep very organized and keep the chaos under control.

    1. I’ve only ever gone Black Friday shopping in-person once and it wasn’t really that fun. We stood in line for longer than we actually did any shopping. We didn’t have to wait in the cold, but we stood in line in the store to get our items and then stood in line in the store to check out too. Getting in and out of the parking lot was a fun time too! (NOT) As you can probably tell, I wasn’t a big fan, haha.

  3. Sounds like all your purchases were very reasonable! I used an Amazon gift card to do most of my Christmas shopping that day–gotta love free Prime shipping!

    1. I don’t have a prime account, but my parents do and we live in the same town, so sometimes they let me take advantage of the free shipping on their account (and then I just pay them back for the item).

      1. I signed up for the free 30-day Prime trial right before Black Friday. Got a bunch of things with free shipping. Assuming they won’t let me do a trial again next year, my husband is going to do it under his account. Yay!

        1. That sounds like a good idea! I bet you can do it again if you use a different email address too. I have several from this blog, my personal, my work email, etc.

  4. I feel like your shopping wasn’t too bad. Don’t forget that Bath and Bodyworks has several huge sales throughout the year offering items at the same super low price points ( I wonder how they make money?)

    1. I know I think the same thing about them making money somtimes. On top of their soaps being on sale, they also took our $10 off coupon AND free shipping coupon. It was awesome! I never buy their stuff unless it’s during one of those sales, so during the sales I stock up!

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