You'll love these ideas for the best gifts for mompreneurs! There's something for every kind of mom and every occasion.

30+ Best Gifts for Mompreneurs in 2022

Whether it’s mother’s day, her birthday, Christmas, or just because, you’ll love these ideas for the best gifts for mompreneurs. Mom’s work hard and their jobs, both as moms and mompreneurs, are often thankless. When the already stressful role of being a mom is combined with the added stresses of being an entrepreneur, there’s all…

Here are the best baby items for mompreneurs looking to save time and money while taking care of their new baby.

30+ Best Products for Mompreneurs with a New Baby

As an entrepreneur who just had a baby, I’ve been trying and testing LOTS of different baby items. This has given me the opportunity to find a few favorite mompreneur baby items–products and things that make my life as a work-from-home mompreneur so much easier. Here is a roundup of essential baby products for all…

FreshBooks is a fast and easy way to invoice clients, track hours, calculate expenses, and more. Check out this FreshBooks review to try it free!

FreshBooks Review 2022

Do you love spending hours creating and sending invoices to your freelance clients every month?

How about tediously tracking all of your business income and expenses in a spreadsheet?

Do you find yourself dreading totaling up your information during tax time?

If none of these things sound like fun to you, you need to use FreshBooks.


A Grammarly Review for Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant, spell check capabilities and proper grammar are important. From pitching to working with clients, you’ll need to know simple editing techniques, as well as be able to sound professional. And that’s where Grammarly comes in. Here’s my Grammarly review and if it’s worth it as a tool for virtual assistants.  What…

gifts for virtual assistants

35+ Great Gifts for Virtual Assistants in 2021

In the past, I’ve heard from friends and family that I’m a hard person to shop for. Personally, I don’t see it. I have a very easy time shopping for me. 😉

But, I’ll admit that it’s harder to get gifts for freelancers who work from home.

Luckily, I’ve got your back with these 8+ great gifts for freelancers who work from home!

Watch TV Without Cable FI

5 Ways to Watch TV Without Cable

If you’re busy and not always able to watch much TV, you may decide that the high price of cable isn’t worth it! That’s what happened to me a few years ago.

I found other hobbies to occupy my time instead of always turning on the TV. Then, I couldn’t justify paying such a high price for my cable subscription. So, I canceled it and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve saved over $2,000 just because I eliminated that one bill from by budget over two years ago.

The best part? I still get to watch all of my favorite TV shows, even though I don’t have a cable subscription. Here are a few ways you can watch TV without cable, too.

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