Online Income: $4,190 in October 2015

  You know how I said September was the best month ever? Well I topped it in October! I never imaged that I could grow my business to the point where I’d be making over $4,000/month all from the comfort of my home (and my PJs and/or yoga pants). 🙂 It feels absolutely amazing to…


How Type A People Can Have a Plan, But Not Be So Rigid

In the last few months I’ve gone through a lot of periods of change and self-growth and acceptance. Like this article says, I truly think that becoming a full-time freelancer has made me into a better, and happier, person. I’m definitely still a Type A (100%) and I don’t think that will ever change, but…


5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress

No matter if you are stressed about money, about work, family, friends, or something else entirely, stress is not good for your body or your budget. Of course, some amount of stress in life is natural. But left un-checked at high levels or for long periods of time, stress can be very damaging to your…


Online Income: $3,372 in September 2015

  September was the best month ever, and not just in terms of how much income I made from my business. I went on an amazing trip in the middle of the month and came back exhausted, and yet refreshed and excited at the same time. Is that even possible? I’m not sure, but that’s…


Online Income: $2,357 in August 2015

  Wow! My first month + of full-time freelancing has gone super fast! And to be honest, I spent a lot of the first month of self-employment in yoga pants and pajamas. It was amazing! August was really a month of catch-up on life. I still did quite a bit of work, but I also…

Being a solopreneur is all about the hustle, no matter what industry you are in. Here's why hustling can help you get ahead as solopreneurs.

Why Solopreneurs Can Never Quit #Hustling!

Although I haven’t been self-employed for very long, I’ve been doing the hustle for quite a while now. I started freelancing online last July and before that I always had a part-time job to help make some extra money. I never really thought about it, but I’ve always had the drive to earn more, learn…

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