The Ultimate Guide to Filing Self Employment Taxes

Self-employment has many benefits and it also has a few drawbacks. While it’s not perfect, and not for everyone, I’ve found that it has been a great way for me (and others I know) to build wealth and follow a passion. However, one of the drawbacks of being self-employed is having to file your own…

gifts for virtual assistants

20+ Great Gifts for Virtual Assistants in 2021

In the past, I’ve heard from friends and family that I’m a hard person to shop for. Personally, I don’t see it. I have a very easy time shopping for me. 😉

But, I’ll admit that it’s harder to get gifts for freelancers who work from home.

Luckily, I’ve got your back with these 8+ great gifts for freelancers who work from home!


VA Success Story: How This VA Started A New Business After Changing Career Paths

As you probably know by now, life doesn’t always go as we plan. For example, if you’re anything like me (and many others!), you may end up going to college, only to graduate and do something completely different than your degree. While this isn’t a bad thing (college still helped me learn new skills and…


FreshBooks Review 2021

Do you love spending hours creating and sending invoices to your freelance clients every month?

How about tediously tracking all of your business income and expenses in a spreadsheet?

Do you find yourself dreading totaling up your information during tax time?

If none of these things sound like fun to you, you need to use FreshBooks.


33 Best Business Tools for Virtual Assistants

There are THOUSANDS of business tools on the market. They all promise to be the one thing you need to increase your income, be more productive, grow your email list, get more likes/followers/page views/whatever else. But realistically, they can’t ALL be the one thing you need.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the tools I use in my virtual assistant business.

Here's how this virtual assistant started a business during a pandemic with the help of $10K VA, and how she plans on making it full-time.

VA Success Story: How This VA Started Her Business During A Pandemic

They say millionaires are made during recessions. But I think it’s more than that. I believe that many people take leaps during hard times, even if they never become a millionaire, and even if it’s not a recession. This pandemic has been hard for many people. But for some people, it has also given them…

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