Virtual Assistant Salary: How Much Can You Earn as a Work From Home Virtual Assistant in the United States?

Just as the skills of virtual assistants vary, so does the virtual assistant salary. However, here is a breakdown of what you could earn as a virtual assistant.


4 Ways People Make Money Blogging

If you’re here it’s probably because you’ve seen people post publicly about how they make money blogging. But, they probably didn’t tell you exactly how it works behind the scenes. Some of the most common questions I’m asked are: How do we really make money blogging? What goes into it? How does it really work? How…


VA Success Story: How This Experienced Entrepreneur Is Making A Change

Ready to hear about how an experienced entrepreneur still found value in learning a new skill set and bought a course to help her do it? Talking with Jenny was awesome, and she proves that it’s not just newbies that need to learn, but that continuing to build your skill set and knowledge as a…


VA Success Story: How This Single Mom Is Becoming A Successful Virtual Assistant

Who says you can’t be an employee, mom, and successful business owner? Talking with Laura just proves that you can do anything you set your mind to. In this interview, Laura talks about the benefits of following up with potential clients and how $10K VA has helped her boost her professionalism in the online world….

Multiple people comparing quickbooks on a laptop

QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Self-Employed

The company Intuit has two of the most popular bookkeeping software programs — QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed. But when trying to choose a bookkeeping software, which one of the two is the better option for you? As you may know, I wrote a review about QuickBooks Self-Employed and why it is an affordable and…


Failing Forward: A New Virtual Assistant’s Passion Pivot

Now even though I shifted gears away from being a VA, that doesn’t mean I let all of Kayla’s knowledge go to waste!

I try to never let things go to waste, and I knew that the advice and strategies that Kayla laid out would help me in any venture.

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