Failing Forward: A New Virtual Assistant's Passion Pivot

Now even though I shifted gears away from being a VA, that doesn’t mean I let all of Kayla’s knowledge go to waste!

I try to never let things go to waste, and I knew that the advice and strategies that Kayla laid out would help me in any venture.

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Xero Review

Sometimes, a business owner needs more than just invoicing capabilities. Between managing a business, and trying to manage finances, some bookkeeping services just don’t cut it.  I know that as a business owner, it’s hard finding a software system that can help you “do it all” when it comes to the finances and back end…

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Wave Accounting Review

Wave Accounting is a great option for those who are ready to get their accounting and bookkeeping in order but don’t want to spend a small fortune to do so.

Wave may not be the most robust system, but it does have many options that other accounting software programs charge for. Plus, if you need additional support or options, Wave has many features that you can pay for and use.


20 Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer to Grow Your Business

With all of those responsibilities, many entrepreneurs and business owners get to a point where they need to hire a virtual assistant to help with some of their workload. If you are a virtual assistant or thinking about becoming one, there are many services you can offer to potential clients.

Even though virtual assisting is becoming more popular, some people still see a virtual assistant as nothing more than an online secretary. But that’s far from the truth. A virtual assistant has the potential to be so much more!


What is a Virtual Assistant? (And What do They do?)

When I first started calling myself a virtual assistant and began telling people my new “job title”, I often got the follow-up question of “What is a virtual assistant?”

At first, it was hard for me to explain exactly what it was that I did on a regular basis because it was kind of all over the place. But once I started getting more comfortable in my role, and once I categorized my tasks, I was able to answer that question more easily.

So, what is a virtual assistant? I’m glad you asked. 

Save Money Every Month FI

20 Crazy Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month

A few years ago when I started this blog, I was in debt up to my eyeballs. I knew I had to get it paid off, so I started looking for ways to save money every month.

Saving money is something you can do that takes place immediately, which means it’s usually a better place to start than trying to earn more money.

Most side hustles take a few days or a few weeks to pay out. But if you cut your expenses and find ways to save money every month, you will see immediate results in your bank account.

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