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5 Tips for Negotiating with Your Creditors

May 1, 2019

Some things come with a fixed price tag, like groceries at U.S. supermarket chains. When you get to the cash register, you’ll be expected to pay the exact amount shown. But other items have some leeway—like most vehicles on a car dealer’s lot. Sure, there’s a price sticker affixed to every window. But it’s a … Continued

QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Self-Employed

April 29, 2019

The company Intuit has two of the most popular bookkeeping software programs — Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Self-Employed. But when trying to choose a bookkeeping software, which one of the two is the better option for you? As you may know, I wrote a review about Quickbooks Self-Employed and why it is an affordable and … Continued

Failing Forward: A New Virtual Assistant’s Passion Pivot

April 19, 2019

Now even though I shifted gears away from being a VA, that doesn’t mean I let all of Kayla’s knowledge go to waste!

I try to never let things go to waste, and I knew that the advice and strategies that Kayla laid out would help me in any venture.