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20 Under $20

April 16, 2014

As many of you know, my birthday was the highlight of my weekend and I had a great, cheap time! Today’s post is inspired in part by the ideas I shared yesterday where I treated myself for my birthday, but mostly by KK at Student Debt Survivor who recently shared a great list of 20 treats under $20. … Continued

My Birthday: How I Treated Myself on a Budget

April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Sunday was my birthday and all I wanted to do was have a weekend off from work of all kinds. While I didn’t fully succeed in that, farm work never really stops, I did treat myself by taking the weekend off from my part-time job. I also didn’t make or … Continued

Student Loans: "Good Debt" or "Bad Debt"

April 14, 2014

Is there truly such a thing as “good debt”? While looking around the PF blogger community, there are some who think of debt in terms of  “good debt” vs “bad debt”. One type of debt that seems to be debatable is student loans. According to a recent article on Time Magazine’s website, student debt has increased over 300% in … Continued