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12 Days of Frugal Christmas Traditions

12 Days of Frugal Christmas Traditions

December 12, 2018

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year to create traditions with family. Now that I am a mom, I get to share my favorite Christmas traditions with my kids.

One thing to be wary of though is that the holidays lend themselves to excess:

  • excess spending
  • excess stuff
  • and excess eating

So, since I’m trying to keep spending under control, I need to make sure we partake in very frugal Christmas traditions.

From trimming the tree, to helping others, there are plenty of frugal Christmas traditions to enjoy as a family.

Whether you have little ones of your own or not, here are 12 frugal Christmas traditions that anyone can enjoy.

1. Bake Sugar Cookies

It doesn’t matter how old you get, rolling out sugar cookie dough, using Christmas shaped cookie cutters, and then decorating the cookies with frosting and sprinkles is a timeless Christmas tradition.

When you get done, there are always too many to eat alone. So, plates of Christmas cut-out cookies also make great frugal gifts to share with the neighbors.

2. Build a Gingerbread House

Especially with little ones, building a gingerbread house together is one of my favorite frugal Christmas traditions. I love that most grocery stores sell gingerbread house kits for less than $10. The kits are pretty foolproof, and even the littlest helpers can assist with the assembly.

Build It Yourself Wilton Gingerbread House Decorating Kit Price: $12.97 Make your own gingerbread house! Build It Yourself Wilton Gingerbread House Decorating Kit

3. Watch the Christmas Classics

If you happen to have Hulu or Amazon Prime, both services have a pretty great selection of the holiday movie classics.

There are also some great options on Amazon to buy like It’s a Wonderful Life.

It's A Wonderful Life (Black & White Version) Price: A black and white classic! It's A Wonderful Life (Black & White Version)

Spending $12 or less for the whole family to watch a movie is a lot less expensive than taking everyone out to a movie theater. A bonus is that you can eat your own, non-price inflated, snacks at home too.

4. Go Caroling

Roughly quoting Buddy the Elf, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Elf Price: A new Christmas classic! Elf

If you or your kids are involved in a group, like a book club, a scouting troop, or a church activity, get everyone together to go caroling. It doesn’t even have to be in a neighborhood. Go caroling through the mall or get permission to sing at a Salvation Army bell ringer’s station. It’s fun for both the people singing and the people surprised by the holiday cheer.

5. Drink Eggnog by the Fire

Nothing evokes the image of Christmas more than families sitting by a fire. Pass around cookies, drink eggnog, and enjoy the warmth of the fire, simply spending time with your loved ones.

6. Take a Drive to See the Lights

Piling everyone in the car to see all the Christmas lights is another frugal Christmas tradition. I happen to live in an area that has several professional holiday lights displays, but even just driving through the neighborhoods is a lot of fun.

7. Random Acts of Kindness

The holidays are a great time to reach out to friends, neighbors, and strangers with little acts of kindness, so surprising strangers or neighbors with random acts of kindness is a fun Christmas tradition.

You could:

  • Pay the order of the person behind you in the drive-through.
  • Leave coupons on items in the grocery store.
  • Shovel a driveway.
  • Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life.
  • Leave quarters taped to a vending machine.

Essentially, think of ways to make someone’s day brighter, and do something unexpected for them.

8. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Call your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen and ask them if there is anything you could buy to make their holiday meal complete. Maybe they could accept a gift of dessert, or of eggnog, candy canes, and sugar cookies to share. You could also sign up to help serve the meal.

The budgets of shelters can’t always extend to cover such treats, and they would be a welcome surprise for the residents.

9. Visit Santa

Take the kids for an annual Santa photo. If you don’t have kids, you’re never too old to visit Santa.

Ask your friends to don Santa hats and get a fun group photo taken. Some retail stores have free Santa’s workshop stations where every customer gets a free photo with Santa. I take my kids there every year, and they love it. Some even have carousels and free games to play.

10. Go Ice Skating

Wrap up in your most colorful scarf, strap on those skates, and brave the ice for a fun and frugal Christmas tradition. If you live somewhere warm, most cities have indoor skating rinks available. It might be worth the drive to make a fun day of it.

11. Host a Christmas Past, Present, and Future Dinner

Invite your friends and family for a potluck dinner. Have everyone around the table share their favorite Christmas traditions of the past, what they are grateful for in the present, and what they look forward to in the New Year.

12. Make Your Tree and Christmas Decorations

The day before Christmas, bake gingerbread ornaments, and string together popcorn and cranberries. Cut out paper snowflakes and make paper chains. Trim the tree while listening to Bing Crosby croon, and get that tree and fireplace ready for Santa to come.

Bing Crosby - Christmas Classics Price: $7.99 All the classics are on this CD! Bing Crosby - Christmas Classics

Reach out to the community, surprise people with kindness, and share the joy of Christmas with friends and strangers alike. The holidays don’t have to be expensive. Some of the best Christmas traditions cost nothing at all. It’s easy to share your Christmas cheer and goodwill towards others in a way that you and your budget can manage.

What are your favorite frugal Christmas traditions?


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10 responses to “12 Days of Frugal Christmas Traditions

  1. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear which is why I force my husband to listen to Christmas carols while we re-do the kitchen. We’re not doing much for Christmas this year, but I will sing loudly (and off-key).

    1. I love the yule log video too! and I take my gingerbread houses way too seriously. It always end up being a competition in our house to see who makes the best one.

  2. Great list! One of our favorite inexpensive traditions is roasting chestnuts by the fire, usually along with some friends or family. Holiday parties that keep it simple with potluck appetizers and BYOB are also a favorite way to spend the season.

  3. Ha, I like #11. Very creative.

    Christmas baking was always fun with my mom. We’d make those evilly delicious peanut butter drop cookies (the ones with the Hershey’s Kiss pushed into the center), in addition to brownies and butter cookies. Mostly, I remember us fighting the cookie press. It was nice when I was officially old enough to be allowed to swear right along with Mom.

  4. Love all these ideas Kristi! We make a gingerbread house each year and it keeps getting better and better. Tonight we might see Santa at my son’s school. I need to start checking some of these things off my list 🙂

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