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Online Income: $10,737 in December 2017 + My 2017 Total Earnings and Reflections

January 8, 2018

Woohoo! I’m so excited to be back over $10K again for December.

November was the lowest income month I had in a long time because I left my biggest freelance client in October.

I knew that making that change would cause a temporary drop in my income, but I’m happy that it’s back up over $10K again for December!

Online Income: $7,311 in November 2017

December 11, 2017

After a year of having income reports showing over $10,000 pretty consistently, it hurts a little bit to write this one. But, I knew after last month’s business changes that this month would be lower.

Truthfully, I am ok with it because I know bigger and better things are coming. So, it’ll be interesting to see how the next few months go as I continue in my business transition.

Online Income: $12,804 in October 2017

November 13, 2017

I was out of town for 9 days in October and my income was still higher than September. But, I didn’t really have time to celebrate.

I’ve had some big changes with my business in the past couple of months and I’m nervous and excited about what they’ll bring in the future.

First, I’m breaking down my income and expenses for October. Then, at the end I’m sharing more about my business changes.