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20 Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer to Grow Your Business

March 20, 2019

With all of those responsibilities, many entrepreneurs and business owners get to a point where they need to hire a virtual assistant to help with some of their workload. If you are a virtual assistant or thinking about becoming one, there are many services you can offer to potential clients.

Even though virtual assisting is becoming more popular, some people still see a virtual assistant as nothing more than an online secretary. But that’s far from the truth. A virtual assistant has the potential to be so much more!

What is a Virtual Assistant? (And What do They do?)

March 19, 2019

When I first started calling myself a virtual assistant and began telling people my new “job title”, I often got the follow-up question of “What is a virtual assistant?”

At first, it was hard for me to explain exactly what it was that I did on a regular basis because it was kind of all over the place. But once I started getting more comfortable in my role, and once I categorized my tasks, I was able to answer that question more easily.

So, what is a virtual assistant? I’m glad you asked. 

VA Success Story: How Bridgett Is Becoming A Wedding Planning VA

March 6, 2019

A virtual assistant business can become anything you’re skilled at and want to do.  Talking with Bridgett has reminded me that being a VA doesn’t always equal working in social media or blogging, but that you can carve out space in any industry. In this interview, Bridgett shares her wedding planning plans and how my … Continued