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April 2018 Money and Life Update

May 7, 2018

April was a bit of a blur.

Between more than enough work to keep me busy, working on launching my new project (Cash Wise ExWives), celebrating my 27th birthday, and paying taxes, it was crazy!

I also took off for a business retreat on April 30th, so I was working to get ahead before I left for my trip.

Being self-employed means I can take off work whenever I want, but I still have to do the work at some point. My business is definitely still a mostly active revenue source. I am working to make it more passive, but I know it’ll take some time to get there. ­čÖé

Make Your Clothes Last Longer

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

April 11, 2018

The only downside I’ve noticed is that having fewer clothes means being more┬áconscious of how long your clothes last.

Personally,┬ánow that I have fewer clothes, I’ve noticed a big difference in how often I’m washing the same things every single week on laundry day. Being worn and washed more often is hard on your clothes. So, it’s important to find ways to make your clothes last longer.

I want to make my clothes last as long as possible. So, here are 4 things I’m doing┬ámake my clothes last longer.