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Bless Someone FI

25 Ways to Bless Someone for Free This Holiday Season

November 30, 2018

‘Tis the season of giving to others less fortunate.

Although I try my best to give back all year round, I know that giving back and blessing others is higher up on most people’s priority list this time of year, as it should be.

The holidays tend to make us feel more giving. But, that can be difficult to embrace when you are living on a budget and trying to make every dollar count.

Luckily, blessing others doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

Here are 25 ways you can bless someone for free this holiday season.

Deck the Halls FI

3 Easy Ways to Deck the Halls on a Budget

November 28, 2018

With all my experience decorating 3 houses for Christmas each year, you could say I’m pretty much an expert on making things look festive without spending any money. Yep, that’s right. It usually costs me $0 to deck the halls for Christmas. Here’s how.

What the Death Star Teaches Us About Workplace Safety

November 21, 2018

The Death Star doesn’t sound like the safest place to work — I mean, it has the word “death” in its name after all. Maybe, though, we can learn a few things about workplace safety from the shortcomings of the Empire’s workplace safety practices — or lack thereof. 1. Leadership Needs to Take Safety Seriously … Continued