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Halloween Spending

3 Ways to Keep Halloween Spending from Being Scary

October 17, 2018

Halloween doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday, but a lot of people make it way more expensive than it needs to be. They spend $50-$100 (or more) on a costume for one night and don’t ever use it again. They stock up on way too much expensive candy and end up eating most of it themselves. And they buy tons of new decorations every single year.

Even though I love the holiday, I don’t want my Halloween spending to be scary. So, here are 3 things I do to keep my Halloween spending under control.

Decorate Seasonally

5 Essential Items to Decorate Seasonally Without Clutter

October 10, 2018

A minimalist’s house has to be a stark, white, barren landscape of clutter free-living, straight out of the pages of a minimalist living magazine, right? Not really.

Year-round, white on white may be the ideal way to decorate for some, but for the less die-hard minimalists out there, seasonal decorating brings visual interest into the home.

Use these five items to decorate seasonally for any holiday, without accumulating clutter.

September 2018 Life and Money Update

October 1, 2018

Y’all! I just got home from FinCon and October is here. I can’t even express how excited I am about it! It was a little brutal when I got home from 90 degree weather in Orlando to 50 degree weather in Nebraska, but I am still excited about fall! Here’s a look at my numbers … Continued