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Sometimes Lifestyle Inflation is a Good Thing

September 9, 2016

Generally, when you hear about “lifestyle inflation” in the personal finance community, it’s got a negative connotation. I get it. When people think of lifestyle inflation, they think of wasted money. People waste their increased income by putting it toward new or more expensive things rather than their financial goals. This is why increasing your income … Continued

Why I Decided to Shell Out $170 Per Month for a Personal Trainer

August 25, 2016

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my body weight for the past few years. I’ve talked about the struggle of having to either buy bigger pants or change my eating habits to help my current pants fit. I’ve talked about how Crossfit used to be a part of my budget but that I decided … Continued

Why You’re Having a Hard Time Simplifying Your Life

August 16, 2016

Today I have a guest post for you from Lorin. Lorin is a fairly new blogger who is sharing her real life stories about perseverance, character, and hope. Enjoy! You desire to live a life where you can wake up in the morning without worrying what is to come. You desire to have simplicity, yet … Continued

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